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It’s a new year! While your organization’s initiatives may not have changed when the ball dropped, you can be sure that your employees are feeling a burst of motivation as they start 2019, an eagerness to tackle the tough to-dos and an energy to learn, grow, and achieve. Perhaps you’re feeling it too! Let’s capitalize on that newfound energy so we can stretch it beyond Q1.

Here are my top 3 ideas for harnessing that New Year energy:

1. Promote positive Relationships:

With your coworkers, with your patients, with the person who bags your groceries, with that colleague who works in the back office who keeps tasking things back to you to resolve a denial. Say hi to people in the break room or who you pass in the hall.

Look up and acknowledge people face to face. This positive interaction will spread cheer, increase workplace happiness, increase departmental communication, increase patient satisfaction, and generally add more positivity to your world.

Let’s kick off the New Year with deeper relationships, and often that starts with a simple “Hi!”

2.Find Time to Learn:

This sense of newness typically brings on greater curiosity and a desire to grow in our careers.

Use the resources available to you to learn something new about your role, how it relates to the revenue cycle, what best practices are being employed across the country, or what training you’d like to have this year.

Start by searching HBI’s Featured Research on the Revenue Cycle Academy portal or tackling a new certification, like PFS Specialist, on HBI’s Learning platform.

If you can, help others learn too! What can you share? What resources can you bring in?

3. Encourage Accuracy:

Now’s the time to reset, to really pay attention to what you’re doing so we can keep that slate clean.

Maybe denials related to incorrect patient information shot up last year. This year, focus on your keystrokes and all of the fields of information that you need to fill out.

Maybe A/R was aged beyond what your org would like. Pay special attention to your workflow and structure it so you can make the most of your follow-up calls without letting accounts go over 45 business days without an action.

By encouraging accuracy in your own position, you can keep the virtual and physical clutter to a minimum.

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