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Allzone aspires to be a responsible player in the medical field. We strive to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our customers and individuals whose health information can be identified in the data we receive for medical billing purposes. An individual’s personal health information contained in the receipt and payment of physician services and review of reports and summaries of such services will be protected in accordance with requirements and regulations under Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act.

This Privacy Statement has been compiled to describe to you the types of information we collect and how that information is used, disclosed and protected.

As a medical billing company, we will use personal health information to receive payment for physicians services rendered in conjunction with medical treatment. In accordance with the HIPAA rules for electronic transmission, any disclosure of Protected Health Information for billing purposes will be performed in collaboration with covered entities such a healthcare clearinghouse. We shall use and disseminate personally identifiable medical information for treatment, payment, and administration of healthcare.

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Third Party Privacy Policy:

Although we utilise tools and software from third parties to deliver our services to you, we are entirely open about the resources we use and always ask for your permission before doing so.

Before deciding to use these tools, we strongly advise you to carefully check their detailed data collection policies. Unless otherwise stated, we are not responsible for modifying or linking our company to these third-party tools at any time.