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ERA/EFT Processing Services

A healthcare transaction is an important step in the healthcare industry. It is a data exchanging process carrying out financial or administrative tasks. So handling it with an expert team like Allzone Management Services can make the transaction, easier and it also results in:

Allzone Management Services uses HIPAA-adopted transactions as it maintains the same language, structure, and code sets that can result in significant cost reductions across the healthcare business.


Maximize Efficiency with Our Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Services

Electronic Funds Transfer service (EFT), is often known as direct deposit. It is a process through which Fee-for-service and capitated payments are transferred straight into your bank account.

How Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Benefits Healthcare Providers

The Electronic Remittance Advice service transaction provides information on the payment to the healthcare provider, including any claims and other payments that have been adjusted due to factors such as:

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Benefits of ERA/ EFT Processing

Turnaround solution

By outsourcing the Electronic fund transfer service processing to Allzone’s certified EFT practitioner, you will be able to free up your time and resources so that you can focus on other, more important tasks.

Flawless Service

With an EFT practitioner on hand to handle the bulk of the work, you can focus on other tasks that need your attention. One of the key benefits of outsourcing EFT is that it allows for faster and more accurate results.

Improve Workforce

By hiring our certified practitioner to do all of the work, you can save yourself from having to spend unnecessary time processing the client’s paperwork or manually entering data into a computer system.

Effective Work plan

With someone else handling this aspect of the process, you can spend your time focusing on other aspects of therapy, such as creating a custom treatment plan or improving your skills as a practitioner.

Tailored solution

This also means that you are able to provide better service for your clients because you will be able to create a personalized experience designed specifically for them.


ERA & EFT Processing

It could take one to four days for an EFT payment to clear. The time it takes for an EFT payment to be processed is determined by when you make the payment, the type of payment, and your bank. EFT payments are only handled on business days, and cut-off hours may apply.

Electronic remittance advice (ERA) is a digital counterpart of the paper explanation of benefits (EOB) that you could receive in the mail from payers. ERA, unlike EOBs, are sent straight to your TherapyNotes account, letting you to keep all of your billing data in one safe and secure area.

Electronic remittance advice (ERA) is an electronic form of a claim payment's explanation of benefits (EOB). Electronic funds transfer (EFT) is a method of transferring monies from a health plan straight into your bank account.

  1. Select the Payments & Receivables tab in Online Banking for Business.
  2. Select Manage Payments under "Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)".
  3. Locate the payment you want to track in the payments file.
  4. Select Actions next to the payment you want to track.
  5. Trace is the best option.

You'll need an employee's bank name, account number, and bank routing number, as well as the kind of account because direct deposits are electronic fund transfers that always happen through the ACH network. You can set up direct deposit details with your own bank account once you obtain this information.

The following are some of the advantages of EFT: ACH Direct Deposit allows you to receive claim payouts electronically. Get paid sooner to improve your financial flow. Remove the costs of depositing paper checks and processing lockboxes at the bank.

ERA delivers HIPAA-compliant files with claim payment explanations. To receive electronic EOBs, you do not need to participate in ERA.

While initiating an EFT payment transaction takes seconds, banks require 1 to 3 days to process the payments or deposit the funds into a business's bank account. Wire transfers and several other EFT payments are received the same day.