8 Big Trends For Healthcare in 2021

2021 Healthcare Trends

As organizations adjust to new treatment types, resource needs, and customer demands, payers and providers are looking for ways to minimize costs, enhance care, create awareness, and broaden relationships.

Here are the top eight trends businesses can currently track into 2021:

  • The future of healthcare will be marked by the re-engineering of clinical care and digital health operations and the widespread use of data and advanced analytics in real-time.
  • The current environment has highlighted the value of optimizing workflows, achieving greater clinical efficiencies, and better integrating data across enterprises through resources such as natural language processing, remote process automation, and cloud-based technologies.
  • Now more than ever, healthcare organizations need to develop a multi-channel digital experience portfolio to offer tailored consumer-focused services that drive engagement and reduce costs.
  • With increasing focus on cross-platform (EHR, CMS, CRM, virtual health, etc. and cross-organizational data portability, advanced APIs and interoperability can ensure a safe and efficient sharing of data between EHR systems, devices, and different channels of treatment.
  • COVID-19 has driven telehealth into the mainstream, and adoption has gained remarkable momentum. Organizations can expect extension of asynchronous virtual treatment by leveraging advanced wearable technologies.
  • With more healthcare data accessible, artificial intelligence and machine learning technology can provide more speed and insight to evaluate and predict results that drive patient care improvement.
  • Organizations will continue to look at the social determinant of health policies to explain better the health gaps – including those illustrated by COVID-19 infections – and reduce specific financial pressures while offering high-quality treatment.
  • A practical move to greater market transparency will not only bring health care providers into line, but will also help meet customer demand, improve patient engagement, and even point-of-service payments

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