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Medical coding practices

Telemedicine Trends and Their Impact on Medical Coding Practices

Medical coding practices’ evolve as the healthcare landscape rapidly transforms with telemedicine leading the way and the proliferation of virtual consultations. In addition to the unique challenges and opportunities presented by these changes, it is also important to remember that optimizing medical coding procedures and ensuring appropriate reimbursements are also unique challenges presented by these […]
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Billing Codes

Telehealth vs In-Person Visits: How Often Virtual Service Billed at Lower Code

According to research, telehealth visits, both in primary and specialty care, tend to be coded more frequently with lower level-of-service billing codes. Despite the option to receive higher facility rates for telehealth services for another year, providers often bill these virtual visits using lower level-of-service codes. This pattern holds true for both primary and specialty […]
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Top Trends That Impacts Medical Billing Space in 2023

Challenges in the Medical Billing Space Medical coding and medical billing are two distinct yet interrelated tasks in the healthcare industry. Coding is the process of assigning standardized codes to diagnoses and procedures, while billing is the process of submitting claims to insurance companies for reimbursement. One of the biggest challenges in the medical billing […]
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How to Evaluate and Improve Telehealth in Private Practice?

With the 2022 omnibus bill, Congress ensured that telehealth payment and regulatory flexibilities will continue for at least another two years. That makes it worthwhile for physician private practices to more closely consider how to best incorporate telemedicine into their everyday workflows and ensure that patients get the best virtual care experience possible. The AMA […]
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Physician Billing For Wound Care Services Rendered Via Telehealth

When billing for outpatient telehealth services during the COVID-19 PHE, providers should use the POS code that they would have otherwise used had the service been provided in person. Q: What place of service (POS) codes and modifiers should be reported on physician claims for wound care services performed via telehealth during the novel coronavirus […]
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2021 AMA E&M Changes: A Provocative Overview

Many of us have been immersed in COVID-19 and telehealth billing, coding, and the varying rules among payors of late, all the while the clock has remained ticking on the looming changes to evaluation and management (E&M) services, effective Jan. 1, 2021. It is possible, too, that there are those who have not heard of […]
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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Recovery After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Financial losses from the COVID-19 pandemic will have lasting effects on providers but leveraging some of the capabilities developed during crisis can build a more resilient healthcare revenue cycle. Patients have been asked to avoid healthcare facilities when possible, while more visits have been done via smartphones and laptops than in exam rooms. Meanwhile, some […]
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Untangling Telehealth Billing

The utilization of telehealth services has increased significantly over the past few years, as those in the healthcare industry have started to realize the benefits it offers. Telemedicine allows organizations to maximize existing service lines; add new specialties without the associated costs and hassle of hiring full-time, in-house clinicians; and increase patient satisfaction. It also provides better […]
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