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60% of Consumers seek Healthcare Price Transparency

A survey shows that 60% of consumers who look for pricing information seek answers from their insurance companies, but healthcare price transparency should still be a priority for providers. Not many consumers are asking how much healthcare services cost but among those who do, they are seeking answers primarily from their insurance companies, according to […]
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In-Network, Complex COVID-19 Hospitalizations Cost More Than $128K

COVID-19 hospitalization costs varied by state, with the highest in-network cost averaging $128,650. According to a new FAIR Health study, COVID-19 hospitalization cost varies by state, with complex hospitalizations for COVID-19 in-network average cost maxing out at $128,650. “Behind the numbers of our COVID-19 Cost Tracker are the individuals who have contracted COVID-19. As a […]
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Coronavirus: How Can Hospitals Prepare?

Last week, the coronavirus that originated in the Chinese city Wuhan continued to spread. The World Health Organization declared a global emergency, and the first case of person-to-person virus transmission was recorded in the United States. The coronavirus outbreak is reminiscent of other viral outbreaks in recent memory, including Ebola in 2014, and SARS in 2003. When viral […]
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