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Biden Administration Takes Action to Cut Medical Bills from Credit Reports

Biden Administration Takes Action to Cut Medical Bills from Credit Reports

On Thursday, the Biden administration revealed its intention to eliminate medical debt entries from Americans’ credit reports, aiming to put an end to what it views as coercive debt collection strategies affecting a wide swath of consumers. The proposed measures are designed to extend a financial lifeline to families grappling with medical crises, curbing the […]
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Optimizing Revenue Cycle Management Best Practices and AI Potential

Optimizing Revenue Cycle Management: Best Practices and AI Potential

From the inception to the conclusion of the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) pipeline, it is imperative for practices to implement enhanced analytics and streamlined workflows. Healthcare providers have grappled with the challenge of receiving proper compensation for their services, and the current reimbursement landscape presents even greater obstacles compared to previous years. Payors are persistently […]
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How to Improve the Front-End Revenue Cycle and Get Paid Faster

Numerous pre-claims management factors significantly influence the revenue cycle, underscoring the critical importance of optimizing front-end processes for a healthcare provider’s financial prosperity. The healthcare revenue cycle comprises three distinct phases: the front-end, mid-cycle, and back-end. While significant attention is often given to mid and back-end functions, such as coding and billing, claims management, and […]
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Medical Coding Automation

How Medical Coding Automation Enhances Primary Care Practices

Physicians are currently facing challenging times. The existing shortage of doctors, compounded by the pandemic, has exacerbated the patient-to-physician ratio. With an increase in patients, there’s a corresponding surge in administrative tasks for doctors. Consequently, this diminishes the time available for patient care and heightens stress levels among physicians. Furthermore, this situation often leads to […]
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Bill Minor Procedure

How to Bill an E/M With a Minor Procedure

To determine the appropriate use of modifier 25, review this case study in otolaryngology. The Cigna Group has delayed the requirement for submitting documentation with claims that involve a 25 modified offices or other outpatient evaluation and management (E/M) service (CPT® 99212-99215) and a minor procedure. Despite the payer not enforcing this requirement, physician practices […]
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Top 6 Medical Billing Changes

The Top 6 Changes in Medical Billing for 2023

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and medical billing is no exception. With the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest changes in medical billing and how they relate to medical billing companies and medical billing services. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top 5 changes in medical billing […]
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Cigna Updates Modifier 25 Reimbursement Policy

Find out what you must do to get significant, separately identifiable E/M services paid. The Cigna Group recently updated its reimbursement policy for modifier 25. Effective May 25, if you are billing this health insurance company for an evaluation and management (E/M) service and a minor procedure, you may need to do more than append […]
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5 Qualities of a Great Physician Billing Solution

Discover the Top 5 Qualities of a Great Physician Billing Solution

Ensure you make a well-informed choice when selecting a company to manage your reimbursements. Physicians seeking to improve their reimbursement rates, financial performance, operational efficiency, or focus on patient care should consider outsourcing their billing needs. However, choosing the right physician billing service for your practice can be a challenging task, as not all services […]
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Tips to Optimize Cardiology Billing and Coding Process

Top Tips to Optimize Your Cardiology Billing and Coding Process

To effectively handle these changes, cardiology practitioners might have to keep themselves informed about the modifications in payment regulations, modify their billing procedures as needed, and employ novel methods to enhance their compensation. Cardiology medical coding and billing can be challenging due to various factors, such as the complexity of cardiac treatments, the ever-evolving medical […]
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