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5 Key Trends Shaping Value-Based Care in 2024

Advances in AI and Technology for Efficient Value-Based Care 2024

Value-based care in 2024: As 2024 approaches, healthcare is undergoing unprecedented innovation and digital transformation. Emerging technologies and capabilities are empowering organizations, including payers, providers, and self-funded employers, to confidently embrace risk within value-based care programs. The American Academy of Family Physicians reports that 49% of practices participate in some form of value-based payment, and […]
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Darker side of AI in healthcare

AI in Healthcare: Revealing the Risks and Challenges Ahead

AI represents a promising frontier, especially in healthcare, where leveraging vast information could revolutionize problem-solving. However, a shadow looms over AI, as anticipated by many. In the realm of health insurance and patient care denials, AI has already stirred controversy, leading to a notable class action lawsuit. According to reports from healthcare News, Health Insurance […]
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Key Survey Findings: Common Causes of Healthcare Claim Denials

According to a recent survey, eligibility and prior authorization issues were among the most prevalent causes of claim denials. Hospitals and healthcare systems are experiencing an uptick in claim rejections due to errors in front-end revenue cycle processes. The Healthcare Financial Management Association’s Pulse Survey program, conducted for a healthcare technology company, gathered responses from […]
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Advancing Prior AuthorizationThe Evolution in CMS Regulation

Advancing Prior Authorization: The Evolution in CMS Regulation

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have embarked on a decisive move by enforcing a standard for Advancing prior authorization. In a conversation with the Senior Director of Utilization Management, we discussed the potential implementation and impact of this proposed mandate, slated for enactment in January 2026 The Predicament of Prior Authorization The […]
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How to Improve the Front-End Revenue Cycle and Get Paid Faster

Numerous pre-claims management factors significantly influence the revenue cycle, underscoring the critical importance of optimizing front-end processes for a healthcare provider’s financial prosperity. The healthcare revenue cycle comprises three distinct phases: the front-end, mid-cycle, and back-end. While significant attention is often given to mid and back-end functions, such as coding and billing, claims management, and […]
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The Impact and Challenges of Medicare Advantage (MA) for Payers and Providers

The Impact and Challenges of Medicare Advantage for Payers and Providers

Medicare Advantage (MA) is becoming more appealing to payers due to its numerous benefits, but providers are struggling to adjust to its effects. Payers are increasingly recognizing the advantages of MA, especially in terms of profitability. According to a study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), MA insurers disclosed an average gross margin of […]
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Automating Claim Processing

Automating Claims Processing in the Healthcare Industry

By utilizing automation, it is feasible to improve the upstream and downstream adjudication process through data validation and routing. The healthcare industry can benefit from automation in almost all administrative functions, but it can significantly improve the auto-adjudication rate. In an ever-changing industry, possessing technical expertise is of utmost importance. The healthcare sector is increasingly […]
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Key to RCM Success

Key to RCM Success: Expertise in Denial Management, Coding & Prior Authorization

A survey conducted by leading healthcare technology company, revealed the top revenue cycle tasks like denials management, coding, and prior authorizations requiring the most subject matter expertise. Out of 15 tasks listed, over 550 healthcares financial and revenue cycle leaders identified denials management, coding, and prior authorizations as the top choices. Denials management was chosen […]
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Medicare Advantage Insurers

Senators seek accountability from Medicare Advantage insurers on claims denials

In Congress this week, it wasn’t just pharmacy benefit managers facing scrutiny. The Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations directed its attention towards Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, seeking explanations for claims denials. During the hearing, the committee’s chairman highlighted that letters were sent to the three largest MA plans—UnitedHealthcare, Humana, and Aetna—requesting documentation regarding their decision-making […]
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