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Prior Authorization Requirements

Physician Discovers Hidden prior authorization Details in CPT Codes

A proposal to track prior authorization using CPT codes was pulled back for revision after a surprising finding. An urologist, advocated for the plan to compensate physicians for time spent on prior authorization requirements. He also hoped it would streamline the process and improve patient care. However, the American Medical Association (AMA) informed urologist that […]
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Retina Injection coding

Master Retina Injection Coding for Smooth Billing & Reimbursement

Accurate coding is essential for retina practices performing intravitreal injections, especially when handling retina injection coding. While medication and modifier updates occur frequently, understanding these basics ensures proper reimbursement: CPT® Code Consistency: CPT® code 67028 remains constant for administering the medication. HCPCS Level II Code Tracking: Codes for injected drugs (HCPCS Level II) vary and […]
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Prior Authorization Challenges

5 strategies to address Prior Authorization Challenges

Prior Authorization Challenges are a growing hurdle for medical practices dealing with Medicare Advantage plans. Recent investigations reveal concerning trends: improper denials and a lack of transparency from some insurers. This can significantly delay or even block essential care for patients. The Problem with Prior Authorizations Improper Denials: A government investigation found that Medicare Advantage […]
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healthcare denied claims impact and appeals

Unlocking the Secrets of Denied Claims: Insights, Solutions, and Strategies

The Prime Minister’s recent voluntary national survey shed light on the Denied claims. The survey, conducted between October and December 2023, found that nearly 15% of all Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Commercial and Managed Medicaid claims were denied. Between 45% and 60% of rejected cases were overturned, although the expensive appeals process sometimes meant multiple appeals. […]
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Prior Authorization Reform: Progress and Positive Steps

Prior Authorization Reform: AMA’s Impact on Doctors, Patients

 Prior Authorization Reform, a lengthy and often frustrating process for payers to control costs, remains a major challenge for doctors. A recent AMA survey of 1,001 physicians found that 89% of physicians believe prior licensure hurts clinical practice. A surprising 33% said the worst things, such as death or hospitalization, were rights-related.  The AMA recognized […]
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Survey: High Initial Claim Denials Impact Healthcare Providers

The Rising Denial Rates in Healthcare Claims Processing Initial Claim Denials: In a new survey conducted by healthcare Company an increased percentage of initial claims are denied by private payers, including pre-approvals for medical claims. Hospitals, health systems, and post-acute care providers may have a difficult time getting paid for medical services. The survey respondents […]
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5 Key Trends Shaping Value-Based Care in 2024

Advances in AI and Technology for Efficient Value-Based Care 2024

Value-based care in 2024: As 2024 approaches, healthcare is undergoing unprecedented innovation and digital transformation. Emerging technologies and capabilities are empowering organizations, including payers, providers, and self-funded employers, to confidently embrace risk within value-based care programs. The American Academy of Family Physicians reports that 49% of practices participate in some form of value-based payment, and […]
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Darker side of AI in healthcare

AI in Healthcare: Revealing the Risks and Challenges Ahead

AI represents a promising frontier, especially in healthcare, where leveraging vast information could revolutionize problem-solving. However, a shadow looms over AI, as anticipated by many. In the realm of health insurance and patient care denials, AI has already stirred controversy, leading to a notable class action lawsuit. According to reports from healthcare News, Health Insurance […]
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Key Survey Findings: Common Causes of Healthcare Claim Denials

According to a recent survey, eligibility and prior authorization issues were among the most prevalent causes of claim denials. Hospitals and healthcare systems are experiencing an uptick in claim rejections due to errors in front-end revenue cycle processes. The Healthcare Financial Management Association’s Pulse Survey program, conducted for a healthcare technology company, gathered responses from […]
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