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Three Ways to Outsmart Denials in 2023

Denial rates serve as a barometer for the financial well-being of healthcare organizations. An increase in denials can have wide-ranging negative implications for an organization — impacting everything from accounts receivable to the patient experience. By preventing denials upfront, providers can realize revenue faster, boost staff efficiency and satisfaction, and reduce patient anxiety related to […]
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Can Automation Solve The Prior Authorization Problem?

In the latest American Medical Association (AMA) survey, 93% of physicians said prior authorizations delay patient care, and 82% said the process is so complicated that it causes patients to abandon treatment altogether. Prior authorization (PA) remains the top regulatory burden for most health care and medical professionals, often delaying or preventing access to essential […]
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Revenue Cycle Will Be The Main Focus Of Advocacy For 2023

Each year the American Hospital Association (AHA) releases an advocacy agenda focusing on key areas in need of “critical support” for hospitals and health systems, and this year, quite a few key areas will be focused on your revenue cycle. “Hospitals and health systems are dealing with unprecedented challenges as they manage the aftershocks and […]
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CMS Aims To Streamline Prior Authorization To Reform MA

The American Hospital Association (AHA) and Better Medicare Alliance (BMA) both support the agency’s effort to improve Medicare Advantage (MA). In an attempt to reform MA, CMS released a proposed rule that aims to streamline prior authorization, promote health equity, and curb deceptive marketing. The Biden administration has shown a commitment to increasing oversight of […]
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Prior Authorization Reform in Medicare Advantage | Case Studies | AllZone Management Services Inc.

Prior Authorization Reform in Medicare Advantage

Prior Authorization reform in Medicare Advantage would help relieve administrative burden for medical groups and reduce patient care delays, MGMA said. The Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) has urged CMS to implement policies that support prior authorization reform and value-based care contracts within the Medicare Advantage program. MGMA submitted comments to CMS Administrator in response […]
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Prior Authorizations and MedPAC Recommendations: MGMA’s view

Prior authorizations and Medicare reimbursements are some of the most consistently cited sources of issues at primary care practices. Anders Gilberg, senior vice president of government affairs for the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), joined us in April to discuss his organization’s lobbying efforts. The following interview has been edited for length and clarity. Medical […]
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AMA says health insurance industry failing on prior auth reform

Survey shows little progress after four years of promises The American Medical Association says that despite insurance industry promises to reform and improve prior authorizations, little effort has been made to do so. This comes despite evidence that insurer-imposed authorizations can be hazardous and burdensome to patient-centered care. In January 2018, the AMA and other […]
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AHA Asks CMS to Waive Medicare Advantage Prior Authorization During PHE

CMS encouraged Medicare Advantage plans to waive prior authorizations during the public health emergency, but AHA urged the agency to make it a requirement instead of a suggestion. The American Hospital Association (AHA) has asked CMS to work with Congress and require Medicare Advantage plans to waive prior authorization processes during the current and future […]
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AMA: Prior Authorization Creates Physician Burden, Patient Care Delays

Although health plans aim to promote value-based care with prior authorization requirements, providers and patients may experience negative repercussions from the process. Prior authorization negatively impacted patients and providers alike by leading to care delays for patients and creating administrative burden for physicians, according to a survey from the American Medical Association (AMA). Health plans […]
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