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HIPAA Compliance in Healthcare Cybersecurity

Navigating HIPAA Compliance in Healthcare Cyber security: Challenges and Strategies

It is important to note that HIPAA compliance in healthcare cybersecurity was an issue that was unknown 20 years ago. Technology has also progressed very quickly, which has introduced many benefits, however, it also poses a major challenge: maintaining the privacy of patient information. At the heart of these privacy concerns is the Health Insurance […]
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How Revenue Cycle Management Software Reshapes Healthcare in 2024

Understanding the complexities of healthcare finance can resemble untangling a sophisticated puzzle. Every billing and coding intricacy holds the potential to influence patient care delivery. Recognizing this significance is key, and that’s precisely where the game-changing influence of revenue cycle management software becomes evident. Your worry might revolve around the potential financial stress on healthcare […]
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The Future of Healthcare: 4 Tech Trends Shaping 2024

The traditional and conservative realm of healthcare has experienced significant and swift technological upheaval in the last ten years. The surge of generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) has outpaced any previous innovation wave, revolutionizing the landscape. While lauded as potential remedies for numerous healthcare challenges, these innovations confront the digital health industry with […]
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AI is set to revolutionize healthcare in 2024!

How AI is Revolutionizing Healthcare in 2024

Anticipate further transformations ahead, with 2024 poised to introduce substantial shifts within the healthcare sector. This period of change will be marked by the rapid proliferation of artificial intelligence, intricately woven into the entirety of the healthcare framework, presenting opportunities to enhance healthcare delivery and elevate patient outcomes. Consider this scenario: Picture yourself as a […]
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Darker side of AI in healthcare

AI in Healthcare: Revealing the Risks and Challenges Ahead

AI represents a promising frontier, especially in healthcare, where leveraging vast information could revolutionize problem-solving. However, a shadow looms over AI, as anticipated by many. In the realm of health insurance and patient care denials, AI has already stirred controversy, leading to a notable class action lawsuit. According to reports from healthcare News, Health Insurance […]
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Top 10 Healthcare Technology Trends 2024: AI, Virtual Care, and More

Healthcare is facing an escalating crisis due to workforce shortages, expected to persist into 2024. This situation has compelled healthcare organizations to operate with constrained resources while grappling with financial strain. Concurrently, healthcare leaders acknowledge the imperative of tackling widening health inequalities and environmental issues to ensure the sustainability and inclusivity of healthcare systems. The […]
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Medicare’s Telehealth Reimbursement Waiver Extended to 2024

The final 2024 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule includes a provision that allows health systems to bill Medicare for telehealth services provided by doctors from their homes. This extension of a crucial Medicare reimbursement for health systems using telehealth services lasts until the end of 2024, and it also grants physicians working from home added privacy […]
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Four Common Forms of Virtual Care Reimbursed in Half of US States

According to a recent report, 25 states now provide reimbursement for video, store-and-forward, and audio-only telehealth, as well as remote patient monitoring through Medicaid. Although every state and Washington, D.C. include some form of live video-based telehealth in their Medicaid programs, only 25 of them also offer Medicaid reimbursement for live video, store-and-forward telehealth, remote […]
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Proven Strategies for Progressing and Sustaining Your Private Practice

Tools and support to boost the success of your practice Regardless of whether you’re a newcomer to private practice or a seasoned professional, you’re aware that the healthcare landscape is ever-changing. What was effective for your practice in the past, be it last year or last month, may not hold true today. Staying updated on […]
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Optimizing Healthcare Revenue Cycle: Interoperability Standards and AI Revolution

Interoperability standards and AI wield significant influence over the revenue cycle, holding the potential to transform the financial landscape of healthcare establishments. In the constantly evolving realm of healthcare, the infusion of artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changing force, promising to revolutionize patient care, diagnoses, and treatments. However, to fully harness the power […]
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