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future medical coding 2024

6 Key Trends Shaping the Future of Medical Coding in 2024

Medical coding is a dynamic field, driven as much by technological advancements as by healthcare practices and regulatory changes. As we are moving into 2024, we can see that several important trends are shaping the future of this important field. Future of Medical Coding in 2024: 1. Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning […]
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Advantages of AI in Medical Billing and Coding

Top Advantages of Employing AI in Medical Billing and Coding

In the realm of medical billing and coding, the incorporation of artificial intelligence stands as a pivotal advancement. Its role in healthcare establishments is to optimize billing procedures, thereby mitigating costly errors. Among the array of AI-driven technologies, machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) take the forefront. These tools excel at swiftly and accurately […]
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8 Big Trends For Healthcare in 2021

As organizations adjust to new treatment types, resource needs, and customer demands, payers and providers are looking for ways to minimize costs, enhance care, create awareness, and broaden relationships. Here are the top eight trends businesses can currently track into 2021: The future of healthcare will be marked by the re-engineering of clinical care and […]
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Coronavirus Accelerates AI in Health Care

From predicting outbreaks to devising treatments, doctors are turning to AI in an effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Why it matters: While machine learning algorithms were already becoming a part of health care, COVID-19 is likely to accelerate their adoption. But lack of data and testing time could hinder their effectiveness — for this pandemic, […]
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Artificial Intelligence: The Benefits to Revenue Cycle Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a concept that has moved very quickly from the realm of science fiction into real and practical utility in a number of different industries—including healthcare. One of the most effective applications for AI-powered tools is in the field of revenue cycle management. Sophisticated AI technologies can sift through vast amounts of […]
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A Patient-Centered Approach To Revenue Cycle Tech Strategy

A strategic approach to patient-centered revenue cycle technology strategy should be enabled by predictive analytics and machine learning to help customize the payment experience, refine communication messages, and give proper feedback to continually improve back-end processes. The path to financial health for hospitals and health systems has shifted and is rematerializing in a way that […]
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How to Drive Patient Satisfaction and Financial Results with a Modern Medical Billing Process

Most industries embrace the motto “the customer is king.” They are acutely aware their success is driven by it. While the complexity of the healthcare business model has made it challenging for provider organizations to adopt such an ethos, the recent rise of consumerism in the industry necessitates that providers prioritize the patient experience if […]
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