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Benefits of Compliance in Medical Billing

How Medical Billing Compliance Can Protect Your Medical Practice?

The process of medical billing encompasses multiple stages, starting with patient registration and eligibility verification, followed by capturing charges, coding, submitting claims, and posting payments. When a patient receives medical services from a healthcare provider, the provider documents the services and associated costs within an electronic health record (EHR) system. Subsequently, a medical billing entity […]
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Outsourced Medical Billing Services

How Outsourced Medical Billing Services Improve Your Bottom Line

Outsourcing medical billing services can be an effective strategy to improve the financial health of your healthcare practice. By delegating the billing and coding tasks to a specialized third-party provider, you can streamline your revenue cycle, reduce administrative burdens, and enhance your profitability. However, medical billing can be a complex and time-consuming task that requires […]
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Common Compliance Mistakes By Doctor

Avoid Four Common Compliance Mistakes: Tips by Doctors

Compliance is a word no one really wants to talk about. It’s boring, you know you NEED a compliance program, but you feel that you’re pretty good with billing and coding, and heck – you’re a smaller group and you think no one is looking over their shoulder at your practice. The government has better […]
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New Era for Audiology - 2023 Challenges

A New Era for Audiology: Tackling Challenges in 2023 and Beyond

As we forge ahead into 2023, audiology practices face a myriad of challenges. The growing prevalence of hearing loss, rapid technological advancements, and changing market dynamics are just a few of the many hurdles that audiologists must overcome to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. With an estimated 466 million people worldwide suffering from disabling […]
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Scope And Advantages Of Medical Coding And Billing Audit

A domestic medical coding and billing audit is an operation that inspects and estimates the value and dependability of clinical documentation and the overall medical billing process. This technique closely examines health records upheld by the practice and evaluates medical billing data presented to the payers to make sure that the practice picks out, observes, […]
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Top Advantages of Automated Medical Claim Processing

With the arise of indirect health practices such as telehealth, it is becoming increasingly indispensable to play with bill payments and claims orderly. The medical billing cycle is a complex system encompassing procedures such as medical recordkeeping and patient data processing. Medical claim processing is the keystone for healthcare insurance companies since it needs data […]
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5 Benefits Of Outsourcing Medical Billing (1)

5 Benefits Of Outsourcing Medical Billing services

Hospital and medical professionals acknowledge that the biggest issue they have are receiving payment for their services. Those in the medical field understand all too well the issue of delayed revenue and dormant collections. Though technology has improved the in-office process, the inadequate handling of the hugely important billing process can lead to a severe […]
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Key Benefits of Using Total Practice Management System

Providers draw more on-time and uncut payer reimbursements and patient payments by automating these operations with a quality practice management system Via using a quality total practice management system, your company can evade putting as much attempts into accomplishing quality work and rather find effectiveness, accuracy, and peace of mind. An integrated billing and scheduling […]
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Prior Paid Malpractice Claims Increase Risk Of Future Claims

Physicians with paid medical malpractice claims are more likely to have at least 1 more claim in the next five years, compared to physicians with none. A new study found “a single prior paid claim was associated with substantial, long-lived, higher future claim risk, independent of whether a physician was practicing in a high- or […]
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