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Patient Care Advancement

5 Medical Advances That Changes Patient Care’s Future

Every day, scientists strive to solve some of medicine’s toughest questions. Here’s a look at recent breakthroughs that tackle painful conditions and deadly diseases. Gene sequencing at record speeds to identify dangerous mutations. A treatment that delays Type 1 diabetes for years. A vaccine to prevent RSV infections, which kill thousands of Americans each year. […]
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AI in Primary Care

Primary Care AI Benefits for doctors and patients

Two letters. They’re enough to give your patients more anxiety than any treatment, test or injection. A recent survey by the Pew Research Center shows it: Sixty percent of Americans said they would be uncomfortable with their provider relying on artificial intelligence (AI) in their own health care. But when used responsibly, artificial intelligence can […]
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Inflation Driving Financial Challenges for Consumers

Almost a third of consumers cited inflation as their top reason for being concerned about covering unexpected healthcare costs. More than 70 million adults feel unprepared to pay for healthcare costs, while health systems are facing a tight labor market and ongoing supply chain issues, highlighting the financial repercussions of inflation in the healthcare industry. […]
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The Future of Digital Health and Healthcare IT Post-Covid

Implementing and pursuing innovation in digital health and healthcare IT should be a priority for all U.S. healthcare providers and payers — especially as the lessons and response to the Covid-19 pandemic become permanently part of our everyday lives. The outbreak of Covid-19 was a “black swan” event that dramatically accelerated the evolution and acceptance […]
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10 Observations and Emerging Health IT Trends

Digital transformation accelerated in the last few years and CIOs have elevated responsibility as strategic business leaders for their organizations. Learn how CIOs are thinking about their role, and building teams, at the Becker’s 7th Annual Health IT + Digital Health + RCM event in Chicago, Oct. 4 to 7. The event brought together thousands […]
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Healthcare Leaders Identify top digital transformation priorities for healthcare

A new Lumeon survey lists improving patient access, team coordination, and improving care quality as top wishes, but inadequate budgets, data silos, and inflexible EHRs remain as barriers. While the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted how huge a role technology can play in making the care process more efficient and convenient, simply revving up patient engagement tactics […]
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8 Big Trends For Healthcare in 2021

As organizations adjust to new treatment types, resource needs, and customer demands, payers and providers are looking for ways to minimize costs, enhance care, create awareness, and broaden relationships. Here are the top eight trends businesses can currently track into 2021: The future of healthcare will be marked by the re-engineering of clinical care and […]
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Digital Transformation in Healthcare: 3 Trends to Keep an Eye On

For healthcare business owners, keeping up with digital transformation can feel overwhelming. Deciding which advancing technologies are worth investing in and getting the team on board with change is often the daunting part. Besides, adapting to the digital age requires a shift towards flexible and risk-taking mindset. Innovation is the game here, with the goal […]
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Artificial Intelligence Meets Medical Coding

Medical billing and coding is an integral component of healthcare. The medical coding outsourcing market alone is projected to reach16.9 billion dollars by 2021. However, coding accuracy is an ongoing challenge. To maximize efficiency and accuracy of the medical coding process, companies are testing the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. The current problem is […]
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