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Value based payment

Value-Based Payment: Prioritizing Patient Health Over Profits

Value-Based Payment: Putting Patient Health First: When recommending a medical procedure, should doctors prioritize insurance reimbursements or patient health? The answer hinges on the payment model. In a fee-for-service system, providers are compensated for each individual service, potentially incentivizing excessive care. This model can lead to increased costs and harm patients through unnecessary treatments or medications. […]
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July 2024 OPPS Update

Comprehensive Overview of CMS July 2024 OPPS Update (CR13632)

The CMS Releases July 2024 OPPS Update (reference: CMS Change Request CR13632, MLN Matters number MM13632). Here’s a summary of key changes: New Coverage for COVID-19 Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis: Drug: PEMGARDA (pemivibart) – Code: Q0224 (Note: This code is not reimbursed under OPPS, but at a “reasonable cost”) Administration: Code: M0224 (Covered: Receives separate payment under […]
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TEAM: CMS’s New Value-Based Payment for Surgeries

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is introducing a new way to pay for specific surgical procedures: Transforming Episode Accountability Model (TEAM). This mandatory model, starting January 1, 2026, will hold hospitals accountable for the cost and quality of care for 30 days after five types of surgeries: Lower extremity joint replacement Surgical […]
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compliant coding and billing

Compliant Coding and Billing for Physicians: Expert Tips

The article explores common billing mistakes and offers tips for four healthcare services that can cause payment headaches for physicians. 1. Annual Wellness Visits vs. Physicals: Understanding Medicare Requirements Differentiating between Annual Wellness Visits (AWV) and Initial Preventive Physical Exams (IPPE) is crucial for accurate billing. Both are covered by Medicare for preventive care, but […]
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Medical coding Audits

Medical Coding Audits: Trends and Guide for Providers

The landscape of medical coding audits is constantly evolving.  Staying informed about these trends and implementing best practices can significantly reduce stress and ensure a smooth audit experience. The Shifting Landscape of Medical Coding Audits Traditionally, medical coding audits felt like a lottery. Providers faced the uncertainty of random reviews, often scrambling to address issues […]
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HCPCS Level II Codes

HCPCS Level II July 2024 code update

The HCPCS Level II quarterly update for July 2024 is now available on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) website. The update includes: 134 added codes 9 discontinued codes 32 codes with long description changes 3 codes with payment changes New HCPCS Level II Codes Effective July 1, 2024, there is one new […]
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 2025 CMS Proposed Rule

Proposed Rule for inpatient and LTCHs for FY 2025

2025 CMS Proposed Rule: Announcing this week a proposed rule for inpatient and long-term care hospitals (LTCHs) for the fiscal year of 2025 (FY), federal officials cited an increasing focus on social determinants of health (SDoH). The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) also prioritized improving maternal health and strengthening emergency preparedness, which noted […]
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Prior Authorization Reform Rule Proposals

CMS Unveils Contentious Prior Authorization Reform Rule Proposals

Physicians and healthcare experts are urging Medicare to lead reforms in the time-consuming prior authorization (PA) process, which often causes delays in patient care. However, they caution against excessive reform, as it could exacerbate the problem rather than improving it. The U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have put forth two proposals for […]
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2024 Medicare Outpatient Prospective Payment System Proposed Rules

The OPPS proposal lacked any mention of several prominent issues that industry leaders have eagerly awaited reforms on. Yesterday, federal officials introduced two sets of proposed rules, which included possible revisions to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) and Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS) for the 2024 calendar year. Within the PFS proposed rule alone, […]
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