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The 3 Policies Controlling Physician Reimbursements

Three big CMS moves have affected physician reimbursements in the last 10 years, according to VMG Health’s 2023 mergers and acquisitions report released on March 21: Here are the three CMS policies: In April 2015, the Senate passed the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act, which permanently removed the sustainable growth rate formula under the […]
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E/M Payment Policy Changes Impact Physician Reimbursement

  Following E/M payment policy changes, the reimbursement gap between primary care and specialty physicians decreased by just $825, falling from $40,259.80 to $39,434.70. Evaluation and management (E/M) payment policy changes implemented in 2021 resulted in higher Medicare reimbursement for most physicians but only led to a modest decrease in the payment gap between primary […]
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Latest Guidelines for Medical Coding E/M services in 2023

A thorough understanding of the latest guidelines for coding evaluation and management services is necessary to ensure compliant claims. You’ve likely heard about the 2023 CPT® changes for reporting hospital inpatient and observation evaluation and management (E/M) services. AAPC has been preparing medical coders for these changes since they were announced and started offering education […]
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State Surprise Billing Laws for Out of Network Payment | Case Studies | AllZone Management Services Inc.

State Surprise Billing Laws Impact Out-of-Network Provider Charges

Provider charges for out-of-network care increased by $1,157 after the passage of state surprise billing laws that allow arbitrators to consider provider charges in a surprise billing dispute. State surprise billing laws that allow arbitrators to consider provider charges when determining out-of-network payment amounts for surprise medical bills led to an increase in billed charges […]
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Medicare, Beneficiaries Saw Higher Prices at Provider-Based Facilities

The Medicare program and Medicare beneficiaries could have saved a combined $1.6 billion if provider-based facilities charged the same payment rate as freestanding facilities, OIG found. Medicare and its beneficiaries paid significantly higher prices at provider-based facilities than they would have paid to freestanding facilities for the same services, according to a report from the […]
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mgma requests updates to independent dispute resolution portal | AllZone Management Services Inc.

MGMA Requests Updates to Independent Dispute Resolution Portal

The organization recommended CMS update the independent dispute resolution portal to improve communication between disputing parties and adjust the form field requirements. The Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) has asked CMS to update the federal independent dispute resolution (IDR) portal to streamline the arbitration process for determining an out-of-network payment rate for a surprise medical […]
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Professional, Hospital E/M Charge Index Continued to Grow in 2021

In addition to the hospital E/M charge index rising, prices for professional evaluation and management, surgery, medicine, and radiology services increased last year. The median charge index for hospital evaluation and management (E/M) visits increased by 7 percent during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a white paper from FAIR Health. The FH Medical Price Index […]
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2022 Claims Reimbursement Updates in Emergency Medicine

Emergency medicine is facing a host of claims reimbursement updates this year, from looming Medicare payment cuts to new rules about the split and critical care visits. Emergency department providers are still reeling from the effects of the ongoing pandemic. But other important updates are also happening in the background—and they are likely to impact […]
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AMA Challenges MedPAC Suggestion to Freeze Medicare Physician Payment

The industry group states that Medicare physician payment bump will hinder the delivery of high-quality care as providers face financial burdens. MedPAC, a panel tasked with advising Congress on issues impacting the Medicare program, voted to recommend no increase to 2023 Medicare reimbursement rates for physicians. “Temporary or high variable coronavirus effects are best addressed […]
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Here are the six best reimbursement stories from 2021 HealthLeaders’ coverage and beyond. COVID-19 continued to impact healthcare reimbursement as the pandemic entered its second year. Yet, what’s different is that longer-term strategies and new business opportunities are emerging beyond crisis response. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) aided these plans by extending […]
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