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Price Transparency and RCM: A New Era

The healthcare industry has traditionally been a black box when it comes to pricing. Patients, providers, and payers alike have often struggled to understand the complex web of costs associated with medical services. However, a seismic shift is underway. The advent of price transparency regulations and the evolving role of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) are […]
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Prior Authorization Requirements

Physician Discovers Hidden prior authorization Details in CPT Codes

A proposal to track prior authorization using CPT codes was pulled back for revision after a surprising finding. An urologist, advocated for the plan to compensate physicians for time spent on prior authorization requirements. He also hoped it would streamline the process and improve patient care. However, the American Medical Association (AMA) informed urologist that […]
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physician practice RCM

RCM in Physician Practices: Key Steps Revealed by AMA

Physician RCM: This guide dives into key areas physician private practices can target to strengthen their revenue cycle management (RCM), as outlined by the American Medical Association (AMA) in recent News. By optimizing these eight steps, practices can ensure timely and accurate reimbursement for services provided. 1. Patient Registration: Accuracy First The foundation of a […]
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Optimize Revenue Cycle Management

Improving Revenue Cycle Management: Insights from Medical Billing Experts

The revenue cycle management process (RCM) must be optimized for financial stability and growth in today’s competitive healthcare landscape. As a result of a smooth RCM process, revenue leakage is minimized and profitability is maximized. With this newsletter, leading medical billing experts share their insights on how to streamline and optimize Revenue Cycle Management. The […]
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ICD-10-CM coding

Top 10 ICD-10-CM Coding Errors

Medical ICD-10-CM coding accuracy is crucial for efficient healthcare reimbursement. Even minor errors can lead to claim denials, delays, and lost revenue. Here are the top 10 medical coding mistakes to avoid: Accuracy is Key: 1. Don’t Skip the Details: ICD-10-CM codes often require specific details in the fourth and fifth digits. Using truncated codes […]
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ICD-10 Coding Challenges

Demystifying the Most Common ICD-10 Coding Challenges

Medical coding is the backbone of administrative and clinical processes in healthcare. This landscape is characterized by the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Edition (ICD-10), which provides a standardized system to classify diseases, injuries, and medical procedures. While ICD-10 offers robust benefits in terms of specificity and data granularity, healthcare professional’s worldwide face significant challenges […]
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payment posting processes

Streamline Billing and Boost Revenue with Efficient Payment Posting

While revenue cycle management (RCM) involves many steps, payment posting processes often gets overlooked. Optimizing this process acts as the cornerstone for smoother billing, reducing administrative burdens, and uncovering new revenue streams. By providing a clear view of daily income, accurate payment posting helps practices proactively address errors that could otherwise complicate medical billing and […]
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Healthcare RCM Hacks

Boost Your Bottom Line: 5 RCM Hacks You Can Implement Today

Some effective RCM Hacks you can implement to streamline your processes, boost collections, and free up your staff for higher-value tasks. Increasing revenue and minimizing administrative burdens are critical in today’s competitive healthcare landscape. The engine that drives your financial health is a well-oiled revenue cycle management (RCM) system. However, many practices struggle with inefficiencies, […]
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Top Strategies to Prevent Medical Billing and Coding Errors

Medical coding and billing errors are a persistent headache for healthcare providers, costing them time, money, and reputation. Studies show that a staggering percentage of medical bills contain errors, leading to denied claims, delayed payments, and frustrated patients. Focus on Prevention: Top coding and billing Errors to Avoid Non-Covered Charges: Verify insurance coverage before rendering […]
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Decode & Deploy: Latest Strategies in Medical Billing

It’s time to embrace the ever-evolving landscape of medical billing with Decode & Deploy! In this issue, we’ll explore cutting-edge methods for streamlining billing processes and optimizing revenue cycles including medical billing strategies. Billing in the Medical Industry: An Evolving Landscape Technology advancements, regulatory changes, and a growing focus on value-based care are driving the […]
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