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Telehealth Compliance 10 Things You Need to Know

Telehealth Compliance: 10 Things You Need to Know

Telemedicine or telehealth, which refers to providing care via electronic communication when patients and providers are in separate locations, has been available for decades. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of telehealth due to the urgent need to deliver care in new ways. Before the pandemic, telehealth faced challenges such as limited reimbursement, […]
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New ICD-11 Codes

The New ICD-11 Codes: What You Need to Know

 In the ever-evolving field of healthcare, accurate diagnosis and effective treatment depend on a universal coding system that provides a common language for medical professionals worldwide. The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) serves as the backbone of this system, and with the recent transition to ICD-11, a new era of coding has begun. In this […]
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Patient Care Advancement

5 Medical Advances That Changes Patient Care’s Future

Every day, scientists strive to solve some of medicine’s toughest questions. Here’s a look at recent breakthroughs that tackle painful conditions and deadly diseases. Gene sequencing at record speeds to identify dangerous mutations. A treatment that delays Type 1 diabetes for years. A vaccine to prevent RSV infections, which kill thousands of Americans each year. […]
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Top Trends Of Revenue Cycle In 2023

Healthcare providers before reeling down the effect of the extended period of misfortune due to COVID-19 were additionally affected by pretentious impact and rising cost of healthcare supplies. RCM leaders are currently focused on two central themes: safeguarding their revenue and maximizing efficiency with limited resources. Unfortunately, the effects of the great resignation have resulted […]
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Time is Running Out for Congress to Help Primary Care

Time is running out for Congress to take action on pending legislation dealing with issues that would help primary care across the United States. Six physician groups representing 590,000 doctors across the country sent a joint letter again urging congressional leaders to vote – soon – for bills relating to Medicare reimbursements, prior authorizations, children’s […]
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How 5 Steps For Transforming Patient Access Saved $20M

‘If you can get it right up front, you’re ensuring accuracy, preventing rework, and preventing denials,’ says Alicia Auman, director of patient access at KSB Hospital. Patient access plays a tremendously important role within the revenue cycle, which is why Alicia Auman, director of patient access at KSB Hospital in Dixon, Illinois, has worked so […]
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UnitedHealthcare loses Medicare Advantage overpayment suit

Dive Brief: A federal appeals court has ruled against UnitedHealthcare, the biggest private payer in the U.S., and reversed a 2018 decision overturning Medicare’s overpayment rule requiring insurers to refund reimbursement to CMS within 60 days if they learn a diagnosis lacks medical record support. UnitedHealthcare argued in court in November the overpayment rule was […]
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New bill aims to boost Medicare access to chronic care services

New legislation aims to eliminate the cost-sharing requirement for Medicare beneficiaries to get chronic care management services and reimburse providers for 100% of the payment. The legislation, reintroduced Thursday, intends to boost access among seniors to chronic care management services that include creating a care plan and medication reconciliation and adherence. “Chronic health conditions account […]
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How to Increase Provider Utilization of Remote Patient Monitoring

Increasing provider utilization in remote patient monitoring starts with effective backend processes and leaning into technologies that they already trust. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) took off during the coronavirus pandemic, but the industry will have to take decisive steps in order to build on that momentum, according to Eric Wicklund, senior editor of mHealthIntelligence. Remote […]
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