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Common coding mistakes and how AI is resolving them

The administrative burden of accurate coding is a major contributor to physician burnout, a problem even worse since the COVID pandemic. Studies consistently show it’s a leading cause of stress for doctors and staff. Incorrect coding, including medical coding mistakes, can have serious financial consequences for medical practices. Denial of claims, reduced reimbursements, and audits […]
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Why Healthcare Providers Need Medical Claim Clearinghouses

Medical claim clearinghouses enhance the efficiency of claim submissions for healthcare providers, thereby reducing costs and improving payment accuracy. Each year, healthcare payers and providers exchange billions of claims to finalize patient encounters, a number that continues to rise. As claim volumes increase annually (except for a dip in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic), […]
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payment posting processes

Streamline Billing and Boost Revenue with Efficient Payment Posting

While revenue cycle management (RCM) involves many steps, payment posting processes often gets overlooked. Optimizing this process acts as the cornerstone for smoother billing, reducing administrative burdens, and uncovering new revenue streams. By providing a clear view of daily income, accurate payment posting helps practices proactively address errors that could otherwise complicate medical billing and […]
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denial management makeover

Denial Management Makeover: Proven Tactics to Reduce Denials

Embrace the Denial Management Makeover and discover how to improve cash flow, streamline billing, and finally conquer denied claims. There are few things worse than denies for any healthcare provider. They disrupt patient care, but they also add to their financial burden. Denied claims mean lost revenue, impacting your cash flow and making it hard […]
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Medical coding Audits

Medical Coding Audits: Trends and Guide for Providers

The landscape of medical coding audits is constantly evolving.  Staying informed about these trends and implementing best practices can significantly reduce stress and ensure a smooth audit experience. The Shifting Landscape of Medical Coding Audits Traditionally, medical coding audits felt like a lottery. Providers faced the uncertainty of random reviews, often scrambling to address issues […]
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Navigating Outsourcing Vs Offshoring in Medical Billing: Explained

Outsourcing Vs Offshoring in Medical Billing: Targeting Cost Savings with a Global Reach: Both medical billing outsourcing and offshoring involve delegating billing tasks to another entity, but there’s a key difference in their destination: Medical Billing Outsourcing: In general outsourcing, the Medical Billing company can be located anywhere. It could be in the same state, […]
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Benefits of Charge Capture audits

How Charge Capture Audits Boost Your Healthcare Revenue

The healthcare industry holds hidden potential for improved revenue and streamlined operations. Charge capture audits act as your key to unlock these hidden treasures. Similar to explorers seeking buried riches, healthcare organizations can embark on a quest for financial stability through these audits. This guide will explain charge capture audits, help you identify hidden opportunities, […]
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Maximizing Medicare Reimbursement: Strategies for Independent Practices

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, independent medical practices face many challenges, from adapting to new healthcare methods to major regulatory changes. The main focus of this study is to increase Medicare spending. With the right strategies, independent medical practices can achieve financial sustainability while continuing to provide quality care to their patients. This […]
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How AI is streamlining medical billing and coding processes

Coding and medical billing with AI: Billing and coding processes in the healthcare industry are notoriously complex. The manual entry of data, the interpretation of physician notes, and maintaining compliance with ever-changing regulations all contribute to a system that is ripe for inefficiency and error. Healthcare providers and patients can save time, money, and frustration […]
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