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Medical Billing Trends 2023

2023 Trends for Medical Billing Services

Due to technological innovation, the healthcare sector faces greater transformation. Adopting new technologies and implementing virtual care brought significant change in Medical Billing. The year 2022 ends with a substantial rise in the adoption of payment systems and the implementation of new technologies in the Medical billing process. And now we move into 2023 by […]
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Happy Holidays

ICD-10 Codes for Holiday Mishaps

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it is very easy to get distracted with accidents due to extra activities and overlook everyday actions that help us to be safe and happy. Accidents during such holiday season will make physician, emergence care and urgency care little busy. Treatments can be reimbursed with medical […]
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Can you bill E/M from the same appointment?

Despite myths to the contrary, physicians are not prohibited from coding and billing for both preventive and problem-focused evaluation and management (E/M) services when they are performed during the same appointment. Motivated by a desire to avoid audits, many physicians tend to undercode for the work they perform. Others, however, are just unaware that the idea that […]
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Regulations Open Doors for Telehealth Services in FQHCs

Make sure your facility is aware of all the Medicare policy changes that permit payment for expanded services. Telehealth as a healthcare delivery platform has been in existence since the late 1960s. It was first introduced through projects initiated by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Nebraska Psychology Institute. The declaration of […]
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Don’t Overlook These New PLA Codes

A quarterly update for the Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule (CLFS), issued May 4, includes nine new CPT® codes for proprietary laboratory analyses (PLAs). Medical coding and billing staff that process claims for lab testing should be aware of these codes and pricing. 9 New PLA Codes The following PLA (type of service 5) codes are […]
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