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HIPAA violations

How to prevent HIPAA violations in healthcare

HIPAA violations happen when a healthcare organization fails to follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) rules. HIPAA is a law that protects patients’ privacy by setting standards for securing and sharing their medical information. There are different ways a HIPAA violation can occur, but they often involve a patient’s protected health information […]
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Clinicians Struggle with Medical Coding Amid Patient Care Responsibilities

Presently, healthcare professionals face growing administrative demands alongside their patient-focused duties. A pivotal challenge among these is medical coding, essential for various reasons. It ensures adherence to billing standards impacting reimbursements, meets quality metrics established by healthcare entities and insurers, and guarantees precision in diagnoses recorded for billing purposes. Yet, the task of accurate coding […]
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Benefits of Advanced Healthcare Technology

Benefits of Advanced Healthcare Technology for Providers & Payers

Collaboration among a diverse team that blends clinical expertise and technical proficiency is essential in today’s dynamic healthcare environment to overcome administrative and diagnostic challenges. This multidisciplinary approach facilitates the creation of healthcare technology solutions that benefit all stakeholders, including payers, providers, and patients. By adopting a more personalized approach, treatment outcomes can be optimized […]
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Surprise Medical Billing

President’s Efforts to Limit Surprise Medical Bills and Reduce Health Care Expenses

The President administration has announced its intention to restrict the sale of “junk” insurance policies, including short-term plans that may not provide adequate coverage for individuals who are in-between jobs and require temporary health care coverage. These policies have been known to deny basic coverage to policyholders. On Friday, President announced a set of fresh […]
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Impact of Technology on Healthcare Management

The Impact of Technology on Healthcare Management

To efficiently manage healthcare, it is imperative for systems and management teams to maintain a continuous focus on becoming leaner. Healthcare administrators are responsible for overseeing an increasing number of hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities. Their responsibilities include managing operations, facilities, accounting, and policy, as well as evaluating and recommending new technology to improve patient-centered […]
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Administrative Challenges for Medical Practices in 2023

The number of prior authorization requests continues to increase — despite promises to the contrary by payers — costing physicians time and money. A Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) poll found that 70% of medical groups indicated that prior authorizations increased in the last year. Physicians say that their practices continue to struggle with either […]
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Top Challenges for Care Management Coding in 2023

Providing care management services, including chronic care management (CCM) and principal care management (PCM), is not easy. The first overarching challenge is that not enough patients actually participate in care management with a primary care physician. In fact, A recent report from the Primary Care Collaborative and the American Academy of Family Physicians’ more Americans […]
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CMS Aims To Streamline Prior Authorization To Reform MA

The American Hospital Association (AHA) and Better Medicare Alliance (BMA) both support the agency’s effort to improve Medicare Advantage (MA). In an attempt to reform MA, CMS released a proposed rule that aims to streamline prior authorization, promote health equity, and curb deceptive marketing. The Biden administration has shown a commitment to increasing oversight of […]
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