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RCM Company: Revenue Boost & Denial Reduction

Boost Revenue & Reduce Denials: Expert RCM for Healthcare Providers

RCM Company has been at the cutting edge of making a difference in healing centers and wellbeing frameworks addressing patient-involved (coordination of benefits) and clinical dissents, recouping on low-balance accounts, and resolving complex claims. Getting these ranges of the income cycle settled rapidly and effectively is becoming tall need these days, as healthcare providers confront […]
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5 Hacks to Simplify Your Healthcare Billing

5 Hacks to Simplify Your Healthcare Billing

In addition to being a blessing to humanity, healthcare is frequently a maze of perplexing invoices and obscure codes. But don’t worry, tired traveler! With a few clever modifications, this terrible beast can be transformed into a controllable monster burrow. Prepare your clever sword and defeat the 5 Hacks for Healthcare Billing dragons listed below: […]
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Leaders of the Revenue Cycle: how will AI be used in 2024?

As revenue cycle technology has evolved, artificial intelligence has evolved from a buzzword into an established presence. Leaders in the revenue cycle and finance are looking to AI to automate tasks and streamline processes, allowing them to make better use of their staffs as the sector-wide shortage of staff persists. The healthcare media previously spoke […]
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2024 Patient Experience trends

Healthier Horizons: Patient Experience Trends for 2024

The healthcare landscape is undergoing an unprecedented evolution, set to drive a significant transformation in patient experience in 2024. Recent technological advancements, coupled with increased patient expectations for enhanced care, are converging with a comprehensive approach encompassing clinical, social, and behavioral facets of patient well-being. This convergence necessitates the modernization of care delivery systems to […]
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Top 3 Critical Challenges for Revenue Cycle Leaders in 2024

 As we approach the end of 2023 and the holiday season draws near, revenue cycle leaders ought to contemplate including these three challenges in their organization’s roster of New Year’s resolutions. Automating Payer Processes: Similar to healthcare organizations, payers have also started embracing automated solutions, intensifying challenges in managing denials and causing delays in payment […]
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The Future of Healthcare: 4 Tech Trends Shaping 2024

The traditional and conservative realm of healthcare has experienced significant and swift technological upheaval in the last ten years. The surge of generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) has outpaced any previous innovation wave, revolutionizing the landscape. While lauded as potential remedies for numerous healthcare challenges, these innovations confront the digital health industry with […]
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Medicare’s Telehealth Reimbursement Waiver Extended to 2024

The final 2024 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule includes a provision that allows health systems to bill Medicare for telehealth services provided by doctors from their homes. This extension of a crucial Medicare reimbursement for health systems using telehealth services lasts until the end of 2024, and it also grants physicians working from home added privacy […]
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Transparent e-Visit Billing: Essential Tips for Primary Care Physicians

In an era where digital progress is transforming every facet of the economy, healthcare is no different. Breakthroughs, particularly in telehealth and e-visits, offer the potential to make healthcare more accessible than ever. While these advancements bring significant promise, they also bring about fresh challenges, particularly in the realm of billing. A growing number of […]
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Optimizing Healthcare Revenue Cycle: Interoperability Standards and AI Revolution

Interoperability standards and AI wield significant influence over the revenue cycle, holding the potential to transform the financial landscape of healthcare establishments. In the constantly evolving realm of healthcare, the infusion of artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changing force, promising to revolutionize patient care, diagnoses, and treatments. However, to fully harness the power […]
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Benefits of Workflow Automation in the Healthcare Sector

The adoption of workflow automation in the healthcare sector is on the rise for valid reasons. By alleviating healthcare providers from the burden of documentation and repetitive tasks, it allows them to focus on critical responsibilities that demand expertise and strategic thinking. Recent studies indicate that a significant portion of healthcare professionals spend between 26-41% […]
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