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How To Improve The EHR And Make It More End-User-Friendly

Erica Remer, MD, CCDS, a Member Board of Directors of American College of Physician Advisors, have been talking about improving the electronic medical record and making it more end-user-friendly. Today, she grouses about documentation in general. Her husband, who is a radiologist, and she were commiserating at how awful and uninformative provider documentation has become […]
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Administrative Challenges for Medical Practices in 2023

The number of prior authorization requests continues to increase — despite promises to the contrary by payers — costing physicians time and money. A Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) poll found that 70% of medical groups indicated that prior authorizations increased in the last year. Physicians say that their practices continue to struggle with either […]
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Reasons for Holdups in the Medical Billing Process

The revenue cycle function in healthcare is a complex process that has led to a disconnect between physicians, coding teams, billers, and administrators. The result is unnecessary time and staffing resources reallocated toward capturing revenue, instead of focusing on patient care. In the end, significant amounts of money are left on the table, patient care […]
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How AI is Lending Hand in Healthcare

Healthcare seems to be important in all areas where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is promising. This likelihood is because healthcare services are overwhelmed by workforce shortages, inadequate medication, increased patient burdens, and inaccurate diagnosis, all of which may help a degree by modern technologies. Imminent prospects for AI in healthcare comprise health assistance and medication management, […]
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CMS Revises Billing Instructions for Inpatient Covid-19 Claims

CMS provided clarification on submitting inpatient claims for patients diagnosed with novel coronavirus (COVID-19) without a positive viral test, in an update to MLN Matters SE20015 released September 11. Earlier this year, the CARES Act increased the MS-DRG weighting by 20% for a COVID-19 diagnosis. Although the CARES Act doesn’t specify that the diagnosis must be supported by a […]
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Eight Things You Should Do Now To Clean Up Your Outpatient Billing

Tips for improving outpatient billing, coding and CDI. In moving from inpatient clinical documentation improvement (CDI) to outpatient CDI, I have been discovering some unique educational pointers. I know we are all very busy, so let’s just dive right into it. Doctors and coders, you should not have diagnoses that are mutually exclusive to one […]
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How Intelligent Automation Can Address 3 Revenue Cycle Challenges

Artificial intelligence (AI) has received a lot of buzz and been positioned as the central healthcare technology needed to solve many financial challenges and digitally transform internal operations. However, if you’re looking for practical solutions that can address variable activities and complete work with a high level of quality, today, healthcare organizations should look to intelligent […]
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Blockchain Adoption In Healthcare Continues To Rise: 3 Things To Know

Blockchain technology continues to cause a significant amount of disruption in various industries across the world, particularly in healthcare, according to a Research and Markets report. Three things to know: The decentralized ledger technology has the potential to overcome interoperability and security challenges that have plagued the healthcare system. Within the healthcare segment, technology is being used […]
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