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payment posting processes

Streamline Billing and Boost Revenue with Efficient Payment Posting

While revenue cycle management (RCM) involves many steps, payment posting processes often gets overlooked. Optimizing this process acts as the cornerstone for smoother billing, reducing administrative burdens, and uncovering new revenue streams. By providing a clear view of daily income, accurate payment posting helps practices proactively address errors that could otherwise complicate medical billing and […]
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Navigating Outsourcing Vs Offshoring in Medical Billing: Explained

Outsourcing Vs Offshoring in Medical Billing: Targeting Cost Savings with a Global Reach: Both medical billing outsourcing and offshoring involve delegating billing tasks to another entity, but there’s a key difference in their destination: Medical Billing Outsourcing: In general outsourcing, the Medical Billing company can be located anywhere. It could be in the same state, […]
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8 Chiropractic Billing Tips to Boost Revenue

Chiropractic billing tips: Running a successful chiropractic center involves more than just delivering exceptional patient care. A critical yet often overlooked aspect is ensuring a smooth and efficient billing process. With a constant flow of patients, managing insurance complexities and ever-changing regulations can quickly become overwhelming. 8 key chiropractic billing tips to keep your Revenue […]
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Authorization Denials

Stop Authorization Denials in Tracks

Getting bogged down by authorization denials? You’re not alone. Here, we explore common roadblocks and effective strategies to keep your revenue flowing smoothly. Challenge: Drowning in Last-Minute Authorizations Solution: Divide and Conquer with a Multi-Team Approach Separate teams can tackle present and future authorizations. The “Today” team verifies benefits and identifies authorization needs for upcoming […]
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Outsource Revenue Cycle Management Services

Study States, Providers Look to Outsource Revenue Cycle Management Services

In their quest to enhance cash flow and deliver exceptional customer care, healthcare providers are actively seeking suitable vendors to outsource their Revenue Cycle Management Services. To overcome staff shortages and financial challenges, healthcare providers are mostly planning to outsource revenue cycle management processes, according to a study. From the research conducted by PatientPay in […]
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How Artificial Intelligence, Analytics & Automation are Reshaping Hospital Revenue Cycle

The accelerating challenge around patient needs’ calls for new technology and automation, but on a personal level. As hospitals turn to technology to overhaul the patient experience and improve profits, a range of vendors are bringing new products and outsourced services to meet that demand with artificial intelligence, data analytics and natural language processing as […]
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New Rules Issued for Modifiers 59, XE, XS, XP, and XU

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a policy change modification to the claims processing logic for Modifier 59 Distinct procedural service (and the optional patient-relationship modifiers XE, XS, XP, and XU) on February 15, 2019. These modifiers are only processed when applied to the Column 2 code in a bundled pair, per Correct Coding Initiative […]
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5 Ways to Ensure RCM Efforts Don’t Leave Money on the Table

A frequent knock on electronic health records has been that they’re just glorified billing systems that fail to provide enough clinical functionality to make a significant difference in quality of care. So it’s somewhat incongruous that a recent Black Book report on revenue cycle management (RCM) system adoption would say that 26 percent of hospitals […]
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How Cryptocurrency Benefits Medical Billing Services

Cryptocurrency benefits medical billing services, and in turn healthcare staff and patients, in so many ways. Here’s what to know A cryptocurrency is a decentralized virtual or digital currency that’s used as a medium of exchange for using particular products/services. It is like normal currencies but it also facilitates the exchange of digital information. Counterfeiting cryptocurrency is difficult […]
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