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8 Chiropractic Billing Tips to Boost Revenue

Chiropractic billing tips: Running a successful chiropractic center involves more than just delivering exceptional patient care. A critical yet often overlooked aspect is ensuring a smooth and efficient billing process. With a constant flow of patients, managing insurance complexities and ever-changing regulations can quickly become overwhelming. 8 key chiropractic billing tips to keep your Revenue […]
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Authorization Denials

Stop Authorization Denials in Tracks

Getting bogged down by authorization denials? You’re not alone. Here, we explore common roadblocks and effective strategies to keep your revenue flowing smoothly. Challenge: Drowning in Last-Minute Authorizations Solution: Divide and Conquer with a Multi-Team Approach Separate teams can tackle present and future authorizations. The “Today” team verifies benefits and identifies authorization needs for upcoming […]
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Medical billing myths

5 Medical Billing Myths Every Practice Owner Should Be Aware Of

Medical Billing Myths: Medical billing is an important part of the complicated world of healthcare management. However, many practice owners struggle to negotiate the complexities of medical billing. Myths and misconceptions about medical billing can exacerbate problems, resulting in financial losses and administrative headaches. To help keep you educated and empowered, we’ve developed a list […]
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Impact of Technology on Healthcare Management

The Impact of Technology on Healthcare Management

To efficiently manage healthcare, it is imperative for systems and management teams to maintain a continuous focus on becoming leaner. Healthcare administrators are responsible for overseeing an increasing number of hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities. Their responsibilities include managing operations, facilities, accounting, and policy, as well as evaluating and recommending new technology to improve patient-centered […]
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Administrative Challenges for Medical Practices in 2023

The number of prior authorization requests continues to increase — despite promises to the contrary by payers — costing physicians time and money. A Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) poll found that 70% of medical groups indicated that prior authorizations increased in the last year. Physicians say that their practices continue to struggle with either […]
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Top Administrative Challenges for Physicians in 2023

Quality metric reporting can be a significant challenge to health care administration due to a number of obstacles. First and foremost, you need buy-in from the physicians providing the care to the patients. Without this, it is difficult to make any meaningful changes to the pattern of care provided. Second, it requires having a very […]
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Health Care Industry Will Face Myriad Challenges in 2023

Health care leaders are anticipating a turbulent 2023, according to a report. Staffing, inflation, shrinking margins, and supply chain issues are among the top concerns that will continue to challenge hospitals and health systems and have an outsized effect on overall strategy. Here are the four factors identified as being the most likely to impact […]
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CMS Aims To Streamline Prior Authorization To Reform MA

The American Hospital Association (AHA) and Better Medicare Alliance (BMA) both support the agency’s effort to improve Medicare Advantage (MA). In an attempt to reform MA, CMS released a proposed rule that aims to streamline prior authorization, promote health equity, and curb deceptive marketing. The Biden administration has shown a commitment to increasing oversight of […]
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The Role of Provider-Sponsored Health Plans in Value-Based Care

Provider-sponsored health plans can be naturally aligned with value-based care goals while also being attuned to providers’ needs. Providence Health Assurance’s Medicare Advantage provider-sponsored health plan received a five-star rating through the CMS Medicare Advantage Star Ratings system for the 2022 Medicare open enrollment season. The health plan, which serves Oregon and Washington State, is […]
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How AI Can Help Health Plans Become Member-Centric

Improving the customer experience is no longer an idea that’s relegated to the retail or hospitality industries. Now, the idea has gained traction across many industries, including healthcare. For health plans, improving the customer experience and providing member-centric care helps drive member acquisition and retention and improve reimbursement (via a better STARS rating). With so […]
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