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compliant coding and billing

Compliant Coding and Billing for Physicians: Expert Tips

The article explores common billing mistakes and offers tips for four healthcare services that can cause payment headaches for physicians. 1. Annual Wellness Visits vs. Physicals: Understanding Medicare Requirements Differentiating between Annual Wellness Visits (AWV) and Initial Preventive Physical Exams (IPPE) is crucial for accurate billing. Both are covered by Medicare for preventive care, but […]
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CPT Modifier

Six Tips to Getting Paid for CPT Modifiers

In medical coding, CPT modifier are vital for accurate reimbursement of healthcare services. These special codes, attached to primary procedure codes, provide additional details about the complexity or extent of a service. However, using modifiers incorrectly can lead to claim denials and lost revenue. This blog post shares six key tips to help you get […]
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modifier 58 vs modifier 78

Modifier 58 Versus 78 – Which Should You Use?

Modifier 58 vs Modifier 78: Key Takeaway: Modifier 58: Same underlying condition, planned or unplanned additional procedure. Modifier 78: New problem caused by the initial surgery (complication) requiring a return to the OR. Medical Coders often struggle to differentiate between modifier 58 (staged/related procedure) and modifier 78 (unplanned return to OR). Let’s break down the […]
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April 2024 HCPCS Level II Code

April 2024 HCPCS Level II Code Update

The official April 2024 update to the HCPCS Level II code set is now available on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website.  April update includes: 62 new codes 2 changes to scope and long description 21 obsolete codes 11 changes to long description 1 change to changes miscellaneous changes Below are some  code […]
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Tips to Avoid Billing Errors in Radiology Practices

Have you ever received a medical bill that left you perplexed, questioning how the expenses added up and left you scratching your head? If that’s the case, you’re certainly not alone. Billing for radiology can be intricate and confusing, involving numerous codes and procedures. Unfortunately, errors in medical billing are all too frequent, resulting in […]
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2021 Surgical Modifiers

Append Surgical Modifiers With Confidence

modifiers 79: Know how to differentiate modifiers 79, 78, and 58to ensure proper reimbursement for all procedures performed. Modifiers convey important information about a claim and can directly affect reimbursement. But choosing the most appropriate modifier can be confusing — especially when two or more modifiers have similar descriptors. Modifiers 58, 78, and 79 are all […]
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Denials Management Versus Denials Avoidance: CDI Can Capitalize

Typical CDI programs are intended to drive reimbursement through diagnosis securement, contributing to improved case mix index. The COVID-19 pandemic is placing monumental financial stressors upon hospitals, with added costs to treat patients with high acuity and long length of stays, coupled with significant revenue loss associated with postponement of more profitable elective surgeries, like […]
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