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Intelligent Automation

How Intelligent Automation Can Address 3 Revenue Cycle Challenges

The healthcare industry has long buzzed about the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionize financial operations and internal workflows. However, for practical solutions tackling the complexities of RCM, intelligent automation offers a more realistic path forward. Why Intelligent Automation Over AI? True AI strives to mimic human cognition, but it remains in its early […]
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Revenue Cycle Challenges

How Healthcare Leaders Are Conquering Revenue Cycle Challenges

Ideally, revenue cycle processes should flow seamlessly from one stage to the next. However, challenges can arise at any point, from the front end to the back end, requiring leaders to be vigilant and strategic in their efforts. Here are some highlighting executive approaches to various revenue cycle challenges: How Healthcare Services Revamped Their Billing […]
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How AI is streamlining medical billing and coding processes

Coding and medical billing with AI: Billing and coding processes in the healthcare industry are notoriously complex. The manual entry of data, the interpretation of physician notes, and maintaining compliance with ever-changing regulations all contribute to a system that is ripe for inefficiency and error. Healthcare providers and patients can save time, money, and frustration […]
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Top 3 Critical Challenges for Revenue Cycle Leaders in 2024

 As we approach the end of 2023 and the holiday season draws near, revenue cycle leaders ought to contemplate including these three challenges in their organization’s roster of New Year’s resolutions. Automating Payer Processes: Similar to healthcare organizations, payers have also started embracing automated solutions, intensifying challenges in managing denials and causing delays in payment […]
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How does autonomous coding improve revenue cycle?

A survey revealed that healthcare organizations anticipate that autonomous coding will accelerate the revenue cycle process and enhance coding accuracy. Although autonomous coding has the potential to streamline revenue cycle processes and alleviate administrative burdens, a majority of healthcare finance leaders surveyed either lack familiarity with it or harbor reservations about fully trusting this automated […]
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Advancing Prior AuthorizationThe Evolution in CMS Regulation

Advancing Prior Authorization: The Evolution in CMS Regulation

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have embarked on a decisive move by enforcing a standard for Advancing prior authorization. In a conversation with the Senior Director of Utilization Management, we discussed the potential implementation and impact of this proposed mandate, slated for enactment in January 2026 The Predicament of Prior Authorization The […]
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Optimizing Revenue Cycle Management Best Practices and AI Potential

Optimizing Revenue Cycle Management: Best Practices and AI Potential

From the inception to the conclusion of the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) pipeline, it is imperative for practices to implement enhanced analytics and streamlined workflows. Healthcare providers have grappled with the challenge of receiving proper compensation for their services, and the current reimbursement landscape presents even greater obstacles compared to previous years. Payors are persistently […]
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How to Improve the Front-End Revenue Cycle and Get Paid Faster

Numerous pre-claims management factors significantly influence the revenue cycle, underscoring the critical importance of optimizing front-end processes for a healthcare provider’s financial prosperity. The healthcare revenue cycle comprises three distinct phases: the front-end, mid-cycle, and back-end. While significant attention is often given to mid and back-end functions, such as coding and billing, claims management, and […]
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AI in Healthcare Process

How AI is Transforming Healthcare Operations and Investment

The principal of a healthtech venture capital firm asserts that the most promising AI innovation from an investment standpoint involves rendering business models feasible. Investment focus has now shifted towards AI for a healthtech and medtech venture capital firm, which administers a capital pool exceeding $800 million earmarked for healthcare and technology startups. The healthtech […]
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Optimized Medical Billing

How Streamlined Billing Can Improve Wellness For Patients And Physicians

In the coming decade, physicians and patients will grapple with intertwined challenges. A mounting need for physicians, projected to face a shortage of up to 124,000 professionals, coincides with evolving patient expectations favoring seamless digital interactions. How can medical practices navigate heightened patient demands amidst a diminishing workforce? Drawing from my experience collaborating with numerous […]
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