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Four Key Payment Trends That Impact Pediatric Practices

For a modern medical practice, efficiency is everything. Labor costs continue to increase, putting a pinch on practices that are still recovering from pandemic shutdowns. An August 2022 snapshot of practices shows that, although physician productivity is increasing, expenses are growing faster than reimbursements. Every person in the practice must work at peak efficiency, from […]
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Cancer Centers Fail to Comply with Hospital Price Transparency Rule

Failing to post files in a machine-readable format was the most common violation of the hospital price transparency rule among NCI-designated cancer centers. Less than one-third of hospitals with National Cancer Institute (NCI) cancer center designation were fully compliant with the CMS hospital price transparency rule, according to research published in JAMA Surgery. The price […]
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5 Benefits of Addressing Payment Integrity Before Payments Are Ever Made

Payment integrity in Medicaid—the concerted effort to keep tight control over fraud, waste and abuse—can be addressed at any stage in the claim cycle. Of course, the earlier it is addressed, the easier it is for health plans to avoid improper payments and the administrative burden of recovering them. And while pre-payment integrity programs maximize […]
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AHA Requests Additional COVID-19 Financial Support from Congress

During the Delta and Omicron surges, hospitals and health systems faced significant challenges, prompting AHA to ask Congress for additional COVID-19 financial support. The American Hospital Association (AHA) has urged Congress to provide hospitals and health systems with additional COVID-19 financial support, including more Provider Relief Funds and an extension on the Medicare sequester relief. […]
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Value-Based Payment Models Associated with Lower Acute Care Use

Medicare Advantage beneficiaries who received care under value-based payment models, including two-sided risk models, saw lower acute care use than beneficiaries under a fee-for-service model. Medicare Advantage beneficiaries whose primary care organization participated in a value-based payment model saw lower rates of hospitalizations, observation stays, and emergency department visits, according to a study published in […]
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9 Challenges funding can help your medical practice overcome

Proper funding can help your practice to rise above some challenges. 9 Challenges funding can help your medical practice overcome Medical practice funding is often best used to support growth initiatives that will increase your practice’s revenue—thus increasing the chance that you’ll be able to pay off your loan on time. However, sometimes medical practices […]
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