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Revenue Cycle Billing Challenges

Revenue Cycle Billing Challenges: Insights from Patient Experience

To enhance the financial experience of patients, it is crucial to closely examine an organization’s billing procedure. HealthLeaders is joining the celebration of Patient Experience Week from April 23-29 by highlighting the efforts of revenue cycle leaders in establishing a favorable financial experience for patients in their organizations. With a suboptimal financial experience capable of […]
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What are the Features of Healthcare Information Technology?

Healthcare information technology is the approach of information technology to healthcare; it refers to the electronics systems that healthcare professionals utilize to store, share, and analyze the health information. The adoption of health information technology has shown to improve the quality and effectiveness of healthcare, and it promotes individual and public health while bettering the […]
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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Recovery After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Financial losses from the COVID-19 pandemic will have lasting effects on providers but leveraging some of the capabilities developed during crisis can build a more resilient healthcare revenue cycle. Patients have been asked to avoid healthcare facilities when possible, while more visits have been done via smartphones and laptops than in exam rooms. Meanwhile, some […]
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Providers to Focus on Patient Billing, Policy Heading into 2020

In addition to patient billing and policy, healthcare M&A and workforce diversity will also be major trends going into the new year, according to PwC’s Health Research Institute. Patient billing, policy and regulation, healthcare mergers and acquisitions, and workforce diversity will be some of the top priorities for provider organizations in 2020, predicted researchers at PwC’s Health […]
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The Rx For Improved Patient Billing Experiences

Helping patients understand their financial responsibility and pay for services continues to be driven by an outdated and unnecessarily complex experience. Last year, three in 10 Americans had an unpaid healthcare bill go to collections. As more of the financial burden falls to patients with rising costs and an increase in high-deductible health plans, consumers are frustrated […]
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3 Key Strategies to Increase Healthcare Revenue Cycle Efficiency

As providers engage in complex payment models and collect more from patients, they must learn to automate key functions to improve healthcare revenue efficiency. The healthcare revenue cycle has many moving parts. From patient access and registration to medical billing and coding, provider organizations of all sizes must achieve revenue cycle efficiency to ensure providers […]
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