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Low Reimbursement Rates Lead to Rural Hospital Closures

Low reimbursement rates, staffing shortages, low patient volumes, and regulatory barriers are some of the root causes of rural hospital closures, the American Hospital Association (AHA) explains in a new report. The report “Rural Hospital Closures Threaten Access: Solutions to Preserve Care in Local Communities” highlights the variety of causes behind rural hospital closures, which […]
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How 2 Rural Hospitals use charities to help Patients without-of-pocket costs

Outside financial aid might not be the best long-term solution to the national problem of high healthcare costs and inadequate insurance coverage, but two rural hospitals are taking innovative approaches to tapping philanthropic resources to reduce their bad debt and help patients with medical bills. The American Hospital Association’s latest Annual Survey of Hospitals showed […]
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Rural Healthcare Access: The providers and the challenges

Some providers are taking steps to serve those that have historically been neglected. When examining the big picture of our society, rural America is grossly under-represented in many ways. While areas defined as “rural” comprise 80% of the total US land area, its inhabitants comprise only 20% of the US population (US Census Bureau) In other words, […]
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