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UHC Commercial Plan Focuses on Price Transparency and Preventive Care

Commercial Plan Prioritizes Affordable Healthcare and Preventive Measures

The emphasis on preventive care by the payer likely contributed to its high re-enrollment rate. Insurance Company’s employer-sponsored healthcare plan, compliant with the Affordable Care Act, has emerged as the fastest-growing commercial plan for the payer. Data from the payer’s Impact Study suggests that the healthcare plan company’s focus on both price transparency and preventive […]
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Top 3 Member Engagement Benefits of Using Omnichannel Tools

Omnichannel strategies are becoming increasingly significant to successful member engagement. What is omnichannel engagement? Omnichannel engagement is a strategy that originated as a sales and marketing term but has infiltrated various sectors of the healthcare industry with the rise of healthcare consumerism. This strategy involves using various consumer touchpoints to push a product in a […]
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Contactless Payments, Virtual Care Surge To Continue Post-COVID-19

Healthcare consumerism is on the rise , as patients report the desire to use telehealth and contactless payment options post-COVID-19. However there are disconnects between payer, provider, and consumer expectations, according to the eleventh annual Trends in Healthcare Payments Report from InstaMed. The report explores how COVID-19 has accelerated many trends that have improved the consumer experience […]
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4 Financial Opportunities for Health Systems Amid COVID-19

Though healthcare organizations have endured a global health crisis that has severely taxed their bottom lines, there are areas for growth coming out of the pandemic. The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused one of the most financially crippling situations for healthcare in decades. Besides the clinical implications, hospitals and health systems that typically […]
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3 Ways COVID-19 Is Upending the Revenue Cycle

The pandemic crisis is disrupting the revenue cycle, including the revenue ramifications of cancelling elective procedures. The global COVID-19 pandemic has sent the entire world into turmoil, including negatively affecting the U.S. economy, causing a ripple effect down to healthcare organization revenue cycles. Many elements of this crisis are already changing the revenue cycle, from […]
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