11 Crazy ICD-10 Codes for Thanksgiving

ICD-10-codes- Thanksgiving 2023

Thanksgiving Day: The wonderful day when loved ones get together to share thanks for the blessings in their lives. Do you agree that the day will go according to the plan? No! It’s not; thankfully ICD-10 codes are here to help us to code holiday havoc.

We have compiled a list of codes that you might have used in the upcoming months.

ICD-10 Code W61.43: Pecked by a Turkey, Initial encounter

This is turkey’s least favorite time of the year. Yes, it is! Turkey can squeeze or bite sharply at those nearby. There is an ICD-10 Code for that. W61.43 is the ICD-10 category code which is non-billable. In this case, you have to indicate it as an initial encounter (43XA), Subsequent encounter (43XD), or sequela (43XS). A patient could also get charged or scratched by a gobbler, so that we require W61.4, with the same specificity.

ICD-10 Code W60: Contact with Sharp Leaves

This is a billable code. If a person comes with injury after collecting autumn leaves, you can use this code and advise them to wear gloves next time while collecting leaves.

ICD-10 Code Y92.7: Farm as the Place of Occurrence

Each year farms open their gates to the public, so it opens the door to injuries that might occur as a result. There are many codes to the exact location of the injury and they are Y92.71 for a barn, Y92.72 for the chicken coop, Y92.73 for an orchard.

ICD-10 Code T78.40: Allergy

You may see food allergy during office outbreaks due to potluck dishes. There is a code for food allergy and it requires specificity to get reimbursed.

ICD-10 Code W14: Fall from a Tree

If a person falls from a tree, you can use this code which is a category code, which describes circumstance causing the injury, not the nature of the injury.

Thanksgiving Day 2023 - Infographics

ICD-10 Code Z72.820: Sleep Deprivation

This Z code is to indicate a lack of sleep adequate. Don’t confuse with insomnia (G47.0X) during the billing process.

ICD-10 Code Z63.1: Problems in Relationship

Family gathering always includes laughter, memories, and the inevitable arguments. No Worries! There are Z codes designate reasons for encounters, you have to corresponding procedural codes if any one of the above has happened.

ICD-10 Code S76.312A: Muscle Strain

Have you enjoyed backyard football games? Yes, I did. But that perception comes with a price. Here is a code for pulled hamstring and get reimbursed. Most injuries to the hip and thigh are found in S70-S79 of the ICD-10 Code Set.

 ICD-10 Code W29.1: Contact with Electric Knife

In Reality, carving Turkey is more dangerous than in paintings. Be ready with this code while paring the poultry. To make this code billable you should add specificity.

ICD-10 Code V84.6: Injuries While Driving Agricultural Vehicles

The bucolic trip to the farm results in injury. This is a code that indicates the category, then add specificity to make it billable.

ICD-10 Code W29: Contact with Power Tools

This season is for blowing leaves that result in yard work-related injury. There is a code for that but you should be specific as the cause of injury.

Have you worried about the holiday codes? Don’t worry; we will be back with another holiday post for Christmas. So don’t get worried, have a safe and happy thanksgiving day 2023!

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