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3 Strategies for Revenue Cycle Management Optimization

Optimizing revenue cycle management is pivotal in rebounding from the profound losses of the previous year. Leading provider organizations have devised three potent strategies. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, fine-tuning revenue cycle management takes precedence for financial leaders. Last year, healthcare institutions grappled with substantial declines in both revenue and patient volume, all […]
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RCM Automation Boosts Practice’s Accounts Receivable Efficiency

Days in accounts receivable (A/R) is one of the most important key performance indicators for growing practices. In an increasingly complex healthcare environment—and one in which financial responsibility is shifting to the patient—keeping track of how long it takes to collect healthcare revenue that a practice has billed but has yet to receive from payers and […]
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How To Manage Accounts Receivable

Sound accounts receivable (A/R) management is integral to the financial health of a medical practice. The ability to maximize collections and profitability depends on it. Thus, it’s important that practices know what processes they can implement to ensure a smooth-running AR operation. David Norris, MD, MBA, an anesthesiologist in Wichita, Kan. and author of The […]
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Using Artificial Intelligence To Advance Revenue Cycle Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making big waves in healthcare from detecting lung cancer and gene mutations that lead to autism to addressing social determinants of health and chronic conditions. The technology is automating and optimizing clinical workflows, leading to improved outcomes, lower costs, and enhanced patient and provider satisfaction. The critical role artificial intelligence now plays in healthcare prompting some providers to […]
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