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Benefits of Workflow Automation in the Healthcare Sector

The adoption of workflow automation in the healthcare sector is on the rise for valid reasons. By alleviating healthcare providers from the burden of documentation and repetitive tasks, it allows them to focus on critical responsibilities that demand expertise and strategic thinking. Recent studies indicate that a significant portion of healthcare professionals spend between 26-41% […]
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Take Your Revenue Cycle To The Next Level With Robotic Process Automation

To remain fiscally viable, hospitals and health systems must ensure reimbursement is collected properly and in a timely fashion. Healthcare’s “perfect storm” — the ever-increasing cost of care paired with the complexity of technology and rising expenses — has intensified this pressure, according to David Millen, vice president of information technology and digital transformation at […]
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Rewriting of Medical Coding Automation Using Artificial Intelligence

The importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Medical Coding is often understated and also overstating the same is quite difficult.. to get in-depth with how AI is actually bringing changes in MCA, we must get to the basics of what Medical Billing and Coding really are. Medical Coding Medical coding, if we talk about it […]
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