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Healthcare RCM Hacks

Boost Your Bottom Line: 5 RCM Hacks You Can Implement Today

Some effective RCM Hacks you can implement to streamline your processes, boost collections, and free up your staff for higher-value tasks. Increasing revenue and minimizing administrative burdens are critical in today’s competitive healthcare landscape. The engine that drives your financial health is a well-oiled revenue cycle management (RCM) system. However, many practices struggle with inefficiencies, […]
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Boost Your Bottom Line: 4 Keys to Healthcare RCM Success

In 2024, factors like declining reimbursement rates, the shift towards value-based care, and ever-changing regulations demand a proactive approach to improve RCM. Here, we explore four key strategies to optimize your healthcare revenue cycle and ensure financial stability in the coming year. 1. Break down Silos: Merging Front-End and Back-End Functions Many healthcare organizations struggle […]
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5 Ways to Reduce Claims Denial in Your Revenue Cycle

Reduce Claims Denial in Your Revenue Cycle

Claims Denial: Healthcare Leaders report an increase in payer denials, putting increasing pressure on the system’s finances. Going back and forth with denied payers is a long and expensive process, and low reimbursement rates don’t help either. In a new survey conducted by the Healthcare Financial Management Association, CFOs noted a significant increase in denials, […]
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Benefits of Workflow Automation in the Healthcare Sector

The adoption of workflow automation in the healthcare sector is on the rise for valid reasons. By alleviating healthcare providers from the burden of documentation and repetitive tasks, it allows them to focus on critical responsibilities that demand expertise and strategic thinking. Recent studies indicate that a significant portion of healthcare professionals spend between 26-41% […]
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Take Your Revenue Cycle To The Next Level With Robotic Process Automation

To remain fiscally viable, hospitals and health systems must ensure reimbursement is collected properly and in a timely fashion. Healthcare’s “perfect storm” — the ever-increasing cost of care paired with the complexity of technology and rising expenses — has intensified this pressure, according to David Millen, vice president of information technology and digital transformation at […]
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3 Tips To Take Your Denial Management Process To The Next Level

In the dynamic realm of medical billing, the persistence of denied claims poses a significant challenge for providers. Research indicates that an alarming portion of claims – exceeding 10% – face initial denial by insurance companies. This leads to revenue loss, wasted administrative efforts, and frustration for both providers and patients. A robust denial management […]
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