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Optimizing Revenue Cycle Management Best Practices and AI Potential

Optimizing Revenue Cycle Management: Best Practices and AI Potential

From the inception to the conclusion of the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) pipeline, it is imperative for practices to implement enhanced analytics and streamlined workflows. Healthcare providers have grappled with the challenge of receiving proper compensation for their services, and the current reimbursement landscape presents even greater obstacles compared to previous years. Payors are persistently […]
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How Healthcare Organizations Can Capture All Revenue

Hospital billing departments coordinate health plan benefits every day. Typically, coordination of benefits (COB) is aided by patient registration workflows that gather basic demographic and health insurance information. But what if a patient gets hurt on the job or in an automobile accident? How well does your organization collect the information needed to coordinate liability […]
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8 Key Areas of Medical Accounts Receivable Management

The overall goal of accounts receivable management is to achieve the shortest collection period possible. Accounts receivables, also known as patient accounts, refers to revenues generated but not yet collected. To ensure cash flow is sufficient for effective management, the medical office has the responsibility to maximize its revenue potential. Accounts Receivable management involves nearly all areas […]
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Are You Neglecting Charge Capture?

Despite calling it “essential,” many healthcare leadership teams discuss charge capture once a month or less. Despite its importance, charge capture doesn’t get the attention that it deserves, according to a survey of revenue cycle leaders. Although 78% of respondents characterize charge capture as “essential” to their organization’s success, leadership teams at 40% of organizations […]
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Non-Coverage Denials: Cause and Cure

Explanation of Medicare Benefits (EOB) error message 96 Non-covered charge was the No. 1 reason for claims denials in December in all of Medicare Jurisdiction H, according to the region’s Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC). “Prior to performing or billing a service, ensure that the service is covered under Medicare,” Novitas Solutions says on their website. This should be […]
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