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3 Coding Compliance Strategies to Improve Reimbursement, Quality

The Crucial Role of Medical Coding Compliance in a Value-Based World: Telling the Patient’s Story for Better Billing and Quality Care. Medical Coders: The Unsung Storytellers of Healthcare Medical coders play a critical role in hospitals, but their importance often goes unnoticed. They’re the storytellers behind the scenes, analyzing patient records, selecting billing codes, and […]
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Top Challenges, Opportunities of Medical Coding and Billing

By April of last year, seemingly every news station in American was featuring the heroic efforts of physicians, nurses, and other clinicians fighting COVID-19. These providers transformed healthcare, implementing telehealth and virtual care, standing up new wards in hotels, sports arenas, and schools, and finding new ways to stretch precious supplies. But behind those transformations […]
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3 Ways to Improve Medical Coding Quality for Accurate Reimbursement

Leveraging technology, auditing for compliance, and providing robust education are key ways providers can improve medical coding quality. While some have said medical coding sits quietly in the middle of the healthcare revenue cycle, it is a key step that, when done inadequately, can impact each part of the revenue cycle after it. Medical coding quality is […]
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AHIMA Coding Productivity Study and Preparing for ICD-11

Planning is underway now for ICD-11. The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) has been getting involved in the development of ICD-11 through its participation in the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) activities, as well as providing members with high-level overviews of what to expect with the new classification system. ICD-11 has yet to be approved […]
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