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Industry Voices – 3 Challenges Exposed In The New World Of Telehealth

The rapid rise of telemedicine in response to the COVID-19 outbreak has been critical for getting at-risk patients the care they need. In fact, many state governments are working to expand telehealth within their Medicaid programs, while also easing restrictions to allow for faster implementation. And there is evidence that this trend will not be reversed anytime soon. […]
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Medicare Advantage Plans Could See Payments Drop in 2021 Due To Covid-19, Analysis Finds

The COVID-19 outbreak appears to have impacted claims patterns for Medicare Advantage enrollees, according to a new analysis by Avalere Health. Even though seniors are historically the most vulnerable population health-wise, their claims were down dramatically during the month of April. The survey suggests it could impact risk score factors for MA plans in 2021, driving them […]
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4 Financial Opportunities for Health Systems Amid COVID-19

Though healthcare organizations have endured a global health crisis that has severely taxed their bottom lines, there are areas for growth coming out of the pandemic. The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused one of the most financially crippling situations for healthcare in decades. Besides the clinical implications, hospitals and health systems that typically […]
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Coronavirus Accelerates AI in Health Care

From predicting outbreaks to devising treatments, doctors are turning to AI in an effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Why it matters: While machine learning algorithms were already becoming a part of health care, COVID-19 is likely to accelerate their adoption. But lack of data and testing time could hinder their effectiveness — for this pandemic, […]
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COVID-19 Puts Unprecedented Strain on US Health System

Federal officials pleaded with the American public Monday to heed directives to socially distance themselves in an attempt to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus as hospitals warned of low supplies and canceled elective procedures to free up resources. “In some of those hospitals that are no longer performing elective procedures, we are converting […]
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What Providers Need to Know About COVID-19 Coding and Billing

The healthcare system is facing an unprecedented crisis, but accurate COVID-19 coding and billing can help providers weather the storm and prepare for future outbreaks. The COVID-19 pandemic is putting strain on the healthcare system, but accurately capturing data and documenting cases of the novel coronavirus can help ease the burden on providers. COVID-19 coding […]
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