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When to Use Modifiers 52, 73, 74

Demystifying Facility Coding

Modifiers 52: Professional fee-for-service guidelines for modifiers do not apply in the clinical setting. Reduced, Failed, Aborted, Aborted… which one? What are the requirements for using modifiers 52, 73 and 74? These questions are common in the coding center world, and  the answers  never seem to be clear. Confusingly mix up the medical code instructions […]
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Compliance in medical coding

Navigating Regulatory Compliance in Medical Coding for Accurate Billing

Explore the intricacies of codes for a better understanding of regulatory compliance in medical coding. Healthcare billing and documentation are based on medical coding. An accurate representation of the patient’s health journey, appropriate reimbursements, and avoiding potential legal pitfalls are crucial to ensuring accurate representation of the patient’s health journey, not just an administrative formality. […]
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7 Tips for Diagnostic Radiology Coding

In essence, rediology coding is the process of translating medical procedures performed in radiology into universal alphanumeric codes. These codes are crucial for billing purposes, as they determine the reimbursement received by healthcare providers from insurance companies. Adhere to the guidelines provided by CPT®, ACR, and payers to ensure precise reporting and appropriate reimbursement. Diagnostic […]
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Master CPT® 2022 Coding With This Expert Overview

The CPT® 2022 edition incorporates a total of 249 novel codes, along with 93 codes that have been revised, and 63 codes that have been removed. Every segment of the CPT® code set has undergone modifications to codes and guidelines. The most substantial revisions are observed in evaluation and management (E/M) codes, spine-related procedures such […]
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New Coding Rules for 2021

New 2021 Coding Rules Q: Do the new 2021 coding rules for office visits apply to all payers or just Medicare and Medicaid? Also, are these rules just for office visits, or can we use them for hospital visits, nursing home services, and home visits? A: The changes to the documentation requirements are for codes […]
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2021 AMA E&M Changes: A Provocative Overview

Many of us have been immersed in COVID-19 and telehealth billing, coding, and the varying rules among payors of late, all the while the clock has remained ticking on the looming changes to evaluation and management (E&M) services, effective Jan. 1, 2021. It is possible, too, that there are those who have not heard of […]
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CMS Guidance for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has provided some guidance within the “Medicare and Medicaid Programs Policy and Regulatory Revisions in Response to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency” interim final rule (IFR), allowing for remote patient monitoring, or RPM. This type of patient care is very helpful for ongoing treatment during the COVID-19 […]
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