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Out-of-Pocket Costs Increased Across All Healthcare In 2018

Patients experienced out-of-pocket increases as high as 12% for their healthcare costs last year, according to a new analysis by TransUnion Healthcare. Released this week at the 2019 Healthcare Financial Management Association Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida, the analysis shows increases occurred in all categories including inpatient, outpatient and emergency department (ED) care. Specifically, inpatient care costs […]
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How to Approach Emergency Department Claim Denials

By now, many hospitals have received denials for emergency department level-of-care coding. We could legitimately ask, “how did this happen?” Today we shall address how it started, why it’s important, and potential institutional responses. Denials for emergency care are not new. The spectrum of denials and the audacity with which payers deny claims now strains […]
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Hospitals, Payers Must be Held Accountable For Surprise Medical Bills

President Donald Trump said it’s time for Congress to pass a law that stops hospitals and insurance companies from hitting patients with surprise medical bills. “We’re going to hold insurance companies and hospitals accountable,” Trump said during a news briefing Thursday. A bipartisan group of senators have been working on a bill addressing the issue, with the plan to […]
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