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Newly Revised CPT E&M Guidelines: Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rule

A major revision of the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Evaluation and Management (E&M) Guidelines for Office and Outpatient Visits (O/O Visits), Split/Shared Visits, and Critical Care Time billing was implemented Jan. 1, 2021. You would think that all office-based providers would have been made aware of this and changed their documentation accordingly, but there is […]
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Get-Ready-for-EM-Coding-in 2023

Get Ready for E/M Coding in 2023

The reverberations of the 2021 evaluation and management (E/M) documentation guidelines have barely subsided, yet we are already on the verge of witnessing further changes in this segment of CPT® for 2023 – and this time, the implications stretch beyond mere office visits. If your healthcare institution conscientiously adopted the 2021 E/M guidelines, there’s no […]
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