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Differences: Preventive vs. Office Visits in Medical Coding & Billing

Preventive Services Vs Office Visits: It is important to note that Medicare does not cover preventive services in the same manner as commercial payers. Therefore, it is important to know the patient’s policy and insurance coverage. Table A shows a breakdown of the coverage parameters. Understanding the distinction between Preventive Services Vs Office Visits is […]
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Benefits Of Coding In Optimizing Resource Allocation

From Claims to Care: How Coding Optimizes Resource Allocation

It is important for ensuring that the proper resources reach the right patients throughout the complicated healthcare system. However, piles of paperwork and complicated medical codes make it difficult to verify that the proper resources are delivered to the right patients when they are needed. Coding may be a great tool for cutting through the […]
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Underutilization of Z-Codes: Impact on Documenting Social Determinants of Health

The utilization of Z-codes for recording social determinants of health is notably low, as indicated by two distinct studies. Although these codes were integrated into ICD-10 to aid healthcare establishments in documenting and monitoring social determinants of health, recent findings published in Health Affairs Scholar highlight their underutilization. The initial study, conducted by University researchers, […]
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Complex Coding Procedure

6 Strategies for Accurate Coding for Complex Procedures

In the healthcare industry, accurate coding is crucial for ensuring proper reimbursement, maintaining patient records, and conducting data analysis. This becomes particularly important when dealing with complex procedures, which often involve multiple steps, specialized equipment, and nuanced documentation. Errors in coding for complex procedures can lead to a cascade of issues, including delayed payments, inaccurate […]
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CMS announced 433  ICD-10 Codes Changes For 2024

The fiscal year 2024 ICD-10-CM codes have recently become active, and they will have an impact on your reimbursement. Earlier this year, CMS announced the incorporation of 395 fresh diagnosis codes, removal of 25 codes from the diagnosis set, and modification of 13 codes— all of which became effective on October 1. A substantial portion […]
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AI-enabled ICD-10 CM Guidelines: The Future of Medical Coding

In the ever-changing realm of healthcare coding, it is imperative for professionals to stay updated on the latest developments within the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM). This dynamic coding system plays a pivotal role in recording diagnoses, conditions, and other vital health-related information. With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies […]
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The Impact of Coding on Maternal Outcomes: Part II

Coding blood transfusions on maternity patients saves lives. If you are a “frontline” coder buried in the minutiae of day-to-day coding, discussions about quality initiatives may not be in the forefront of your brain. We often hear of the importance of these programs in improving patient outcomes, and how critical “accurate and consistent” coding is. […]
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Medical Coding News – August 2021

What are the latest code changes? Get the facts, fast. This month, there’s new billing guidance for a COVID-19 vaccine; there are three new HCPCS Level II codes for COVID-19 therapeutic injections; and Medicare payment allowances for the 2021-22 influenza vaccine codes have been released. FDA Approves COVID-19 Vaccine Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine received the green […]
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