Tag: Healthcare Consumerism

Contactless Payments, Virtual Care Surge To Continue Post-COVID-19

Healthcare consumerism is on the rise , as patients report the desire to use telehealth and contactless payment options post-COVID-19. However there are disconnects between payer, provider, and consumer expectations, according to the eleventh annual Trends in Healthcare Payments Report from InstaMed. The report explores how COVID-19 has accelerated many trends that have improved the consumer experience […]
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Automating Revenue Cycle Management Improves Patient Experience

The right revenue cycle management technology can create a transparent, seamless patient experience, which benefits the bottom line. For the longest time, revenue cycle management has been the man behind the curtain. Healthcare organizations have focused on improving the clinical experience using technology and provider education while telling patients and providers to pay no attention […]
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3 Key Strategies to Increase Healthcare Revenue Cycle Efficiency

As providers engage in complex payment models and collect more from patients, they must learn to automate key functions to improve healthcare revenue efficiency. The healthcare revenue cycle has many moving parts. From patient access and registration to medical billing and coding, provider organizations of all sizes must achieve revenue cycle efficiency to ensure providers […]
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