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3 Key Strategies for Revenue Cycle Leadership for Operational Success in 2023

To ensure both financial stability and operational efficiency, revenue cycle leaders must reinforce three essential areas. The challenges of grappling with low operating margins, diminished reimbursements, and escalating costs will persist throughout 2024. In an era where a subpar financial journey could overshadow a top-tier clinical experience for patients, the burden on revenue cycle leaders […]
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Prior Authorization Process Moves Closer To Automation

CAQH CORE, a healthcare industry-led operating standards group, has announced new rules that move the healthcare industry closer to fully automating the prior authorization process. “Not only do the operating rules represent a foundational step forward in improving the prior authorization process, they also signal broad industry commitment to adopting tangible solutions to reduce administrative burdens,” said […]
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New Medicare Enrollment Application

There is a new version of the CMS-855I Medicare Enrollment Application, which physicians and non-physician practitioners may begin using immediately. Medicare Administrative Contractors will accept the previous version of the application (7/2011) through April 30, and then require you to use the new version (12/18). What’s Changed? The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has made the […]
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How To Lower Your Medical Bills, No Matter The Cost

In the midst of a medical recovery, the last thing you want to deal with is an unexpectedly high medical bill. As Americans continue to pay an estimated $3.4 trillion yearly in health care costs, it’s likely that at some point we’ll all encounter a big bill from a trip to the doctor’s office or an unscheduled […]
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