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4 Key Trends For Payers and Providers in 2021

  A year since COVID-19 hit U.S. shores, the pandemic is still raging as deaths and cases strain hospital resources. Amid the scrambling, however, providers and payers are adjusting to a new normal likely to continue for months if not beyond. Though arrival of vaccines has prompted hope, the rollout has been slow and fragmented, left up to […]
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4 Financial Opportunities for Health Systems Amid COVID-19

Though healthcare organizations have endured a global health crisis that has severely taxed their bottom lines, there are areas for growth coming out of the pandemic. The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused one of the most financially crippling situations for healthcare in decades. Besides the clinical implications, hospitals and health systems that typically […]
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Providers to Focus on Patient Billing, Policy Heading into 2020

In addition to patient billing and policy, healthcare M&A and workforce diversity will also be major trends going into the new year, according to PwC’s Health Research Institute. Patient billing, policy and regulation, healthcare mergers and acquisitions, and workforce diversity will be some of the top priorities for provider organizations in 2020, predicted researchers at PwC’s Health […]
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