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AI in Primary Care

Primary Care AI Benefits for doctors and patients

Two letters. They’re enough to give your patients more anxiety than any treatment, test or injection. A recent survey by the Pew Research Center shows it: Sixty percent of Americans said they would be uncomfortable with their provider relying on artificial intelligence (AI) in their own health care. But when used responsibly, artificial intelligence can […]
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7 Most Common Reasons for Claim Denials

7 Most Common Reasons for Claim Denials in 2023

When a claim gets denied, it not only affects the company’s cash flow but also impacts the patient-doctor relationship. Even some denials get claimed by re-appealing but few claims are left on air – that what something your practice and patient would like to avoid. Poor management in claim processing will negatively impact the revenue […]
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RCM Automation Boosts Practice’s Accounts Receivable Efficiency

Days in accounts receivable (A/R) is one of the most important key performance indicators for growing practices. In an increasingly complex healthcare environment—and one in which financial responsibility is shifting to the patient—keeping track of how long it takes to collect healthcare revenue that a practice has billed but has yet to receive from payers and […]
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Medical Billing for Telehealth During COVID-19

COVID-19 is changing the way we practice medicine. Social distancing measures have led to a surge in demand for telemedicine, while practices around the country are seeing a reduced number of in-office patient visits. While the regulatory environment has not always been favorable towards telehealth, federal and state legislations have recently loosened in an effort […]
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