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UHC Commercial Plan Focuses on Price Transparency and Preventive Care

Commercial Plan Prioritizes Affordable Healthcare and Preventive Measures

The emphasis on preventive care by the payer likely contributed to its high re-enrollment rate. Insurance Company’s employer-sponsored healthcare plan, compliant with the Affordable Care Act, has emerged as the fastest-growing commercial plan for the payer. Data from the payer’s Impact Study suggests that the healthcare plan company’s focus on both price transparency and preventive […]
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CMS Finalizes Additional Payment for New COVID-19 Treatments

CMS’ Fourth COVID-19 Interim Final Rule with Comment Period (IFC-4) includes additional payment for new COVID-19 treatments, price transparency requirements for COVID-19 diagnostic tests, and coverage for potential vaccines among other provisions. Most provisions of IFC-4 became effective November 2. Hospital Payment for New COVID-19 Treatments The New COVID-19 Treatments Add-on Payment (NCTAP) will provide additional Medicare […]
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Trump Demands Transparency on Healthcare Costs: 7 Things To Know

President Donald Trump has signed an executive order that aims to lower healthcare costs by improving price transparency. Seven Things To Know: The order, signed June 24 at the White House, directs HHS to develop rules requiring hospitals to publish prices “that reflect what people actually pay for services in a way that’s clear, straightforward and accessible […]
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