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Denial Management Challenges in Revenue Cycle Management

Navigating Denial Management Challenges in Revenue Cycle Management

In the intricate realm of healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM), the substantial challenge revolves around handling denied claims. Scarcity of resources, understaffing, and restricted capacity frequently lead to difficulties in resolving denied claims, where an alarming 82% to 90% are considered potentially preventable. RCM teams can optimize time and revenue recovery by employing proactive strategies […]
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Power of Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management in 2024

In the intricate realm of healthcare, where patient well-being is closely entwined with administrative complexities, the cornerstones of success lie in effective revenue management and specialized revenue cycle management services. This pivotal link between clinical operations and financial viability is established through the practice of healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) and services offered by specialized […]
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Outsourcing Medical Billing Services

5 Tips for Right Medical billing outsourcing provider

Medical billing outsourcing provider: The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and medical billing is no exception. The ever-changing regulatory landscape, complex insurance plans, and increasing patient volumes can make it difficult for healthcare providers to keep up with their billing and coding needs. This is where outsourcing medical billing services can come in handy. Outsourcing […]
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Revenue Cycle Management Tips for New Year

Revenue Cycle Management Tips for the New Year 2024

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) has become increasingly important. In order to ensure financial stability and success, healthcare providers must stay up-to-date with the latest revenue cycle management strategies and best practices. 6 Tips for Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management 2024 1. Embrace Technology Advancements in technology have revolutionized […]
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RCM Strategies

Strategies for Maximizing Revenue Cycle for Financial Success

Based on a recent survey conducted by MGMA, it was found that 40 percent of medical practices were unsuccessful in attaining their revenue objectives in 2021. The survey participants emphasized various significant obstacles, including insufficient staffing, escalating expenses, and delayed payments from payers. To tackle this widespread revenue shortfall, healthcare providers are urged to prioritize […]
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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Strategies to Boost Revenue

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Strategies to Boost Practice Revenue

Insufficient implementation of revenue cycle management (RCM) strategies may result in disorderliness. Conversely, optimizing RCM in conjunction with billing and collection procedures can mitigate the difficulties, leading to amplified revenue for the practice. The Role of RCM in the Healthcare Sector RCM encompasses both the clinical and business aspects of healthcare institutions, linking patient care […]
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Why Denials Management is Crucial for Revenue Cycle Leaders – Again

Revenue cycle leaders were asked to rank the most time-consuming tasks at their organization, and the results aren’t surprising. 556 chief financial officers and revenue cycle leaders at hospitals and health systems across the United States were asked to rank the most time-consuming revenue cycle tasks at their organizations in a new survey commissioned by […]
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