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Emerging Trends and Technologies For Healthcare Future

Future of Healthcare Technology: Emerging Trends and Technologies

The healthcare industry is on the brink of transformation, as a multitude of emerging technologies and trends, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, telehealth, and blockchain, are set to revolutionize it. The pace of innovation in healthcare technology is relentless and shows no signs of decelerating. A myriad of emerging technologies and trends, such as […]
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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Strategies to Boost Revenue

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Strategies to Boost Practice Revenue

Insufficient implementation of revenue cycle management (RCM) strategies may result in disorderliness. Conversely, optimizing RCM in conjunction with billing and collection procedures can mitigate the difficulties, leading to amplified revenue for the practice. The Role of RCM in the Healthcare Sector RCM encompasses both the clinical and business aspects of healthcare institutions, linking patient care […]
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Role of Compliance in Protecting Patients

Digital technologies are transforming healthcare by reducing human errors, facilitating the coordination of care, and improving efficiencies within medical practices. Healthcare IT enables providers to more easily manage the practice, big or small, so they can focus on serving their patients. Because of the sensitive personal and health information stored and transmitted via digital health […]
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Key Ideas to Fix the Errors in EHRs and EMRs

“The industry needs to think about how EHR technology most effectively leverages data to the patient’s benefit,” says Amanda Hansen. “There’s still work to be done.” Amanda Hansen’s father had diabetes for most of his life, until his death in March 2017. Like many patients, he had to collect his own medical records and carry […]
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Optum partners with SSM Health and will employ certain revenue cycle staff

To reduce care variation, SSM and Optum will use clinical technologies, advanced analytic and data-driven insights at the point of care. Certain SSM Health revenue cycle staff and hospital care management will become employees of Optum. They will continue to work in their current locations across Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma and Wisconsin. WHY THIS MATTERS As […]
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Advantages of AI in Medical Billing and Coding

Top Advantages of Employing AI in Medical Billing and Coding

In the realm of medical billing and coding, the incorporation of artificial intelligence stands as a pivotal advancement. Its role in healthcare establishments is to optimize billing procedures, thereby mitigating costly errors. Among the array of AI-driven technologies, machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) take the forefront. These tools excel at swiftly and accurately […]
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Key Healthcare Financial Technology Trends For 2021

More than 80% of survey respondents stated that they have confidence in their organization’s ability to “rapidly adjust their plans and strategies.” Healthcare finance leaders are more optimistic about the ability to adjust to a changing business environment and utilize quality data in the decision-making process, according to the 2021 Healthcare Financial Trends Survey report released by Syntellis […]
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What Does The Future of Telehealth LookLike?

The telehealth industry saw demand surge significantly this spring as Covid-19 began. Telehealth appointments are ideal for a pandemic: patients can seek an informed opinion about their symptoms and be referred for a medical test without having to go to the office physically and placing people at risk. But while the focus on telehealth has […]
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4 Major Technologies Reshaping Healthcare

The future of healthcare shapes up with advances in digital healthcare technologies, including artificial intelligence, VR/AR, 3D-printing, robotics, or nanotechnology. Healthcare facilities have to familiarize themselves with the latest innovations to be able to leverage technology. The future of healthcare is in working hand-in-hand with technologies, and healthcare providers have to embrace evolving healthcare technologies […]
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