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CMS Seeks to Improve Healthcare Outcomes and Drive Down Costs

CMS’ proposed actions are intended to increase price transparency, access to care, patient safety, positive healthcare outcomes, and health equity. On July 19, 2021, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced new proposed actions to address the health equity gap, decrease mounting healthcare costs, and increase medical accessibility and patient quality of care. […]
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3 Ways Revenue Cycles Are Using AI Right Now

Revenue cycle executives have a lot of conflicting thoughts about artificial intelligence (AI). They’re intrigued about it, but also sometimes confused and a bit skeptical. Not only do many vendors market tools like bots as AI, but even the experts struggle to provide real-world use cases illustrating how AI is being successfully used in the […]
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Adapting Patient-Friendly Medical Billing to a COVID-19 World

Monument Health in South Dakota is adapting to a new definition of patient-friendly medical billing as COVID-19 transforms patient needs and their ability pay for healthcare. Patient financial responsibility has been impacting the hospital revenue cycle far before the world knew what COVID-19 was. But the unprecedented public health crisis has shed new light on patient-friendly […]
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