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Impact of CARE Act laws

Impact of CARE Act laws on Patient Outcomes

Policies designed to improve communication with patients and caregivers during hospitalization appear to be leading to better outcomes, researchers have found. Researchers with the University of Pennsylvania examined the impact of state laws that bring the caregiver into the process. The findings of the study were published May 1 in Jama Network Open. Since 2014, 42 states have […]
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2020 Outpatient Proposals: 5 Rules You Should Know From CMS

Hospital and health system executives should monitor these proposals for provisions that will affect their organizations’ operations. The 2020 annual rule cycle has been active for CMS. Several proposals in the outpatient prospective payment system (OPPS) proposed rule is controversial, although there is at least one provider-friendly change. Here’s a roundup of five regulatory rules […]
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CMS Finalizes How It Will Cut Medicaid DSH Payments

The Senate passed a continuing resolution that would temporarily stop the implementation of Medicaid DSH payment cuts until Nov. 22, 2019. CMS on Monday finalized a rule that will reduce Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) payments by $4 billion next year and $8 billion a year until fiscal year 2025. The new final rule will implement Medicaid DSH payment […]
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Hospitals Looking Beyond EHR to Improve Revenue Cycle Performance

Over 60 percent of hospitals and health systems are not realizing optimal value from their EHR system, causing the organizations to collaborate with other vendors and outsourcing companies to improve revenue cycle performance. That was a finding from a new Navigant analysis based on an executive survey conducted by Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), which polled 108 […]
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How Hospitals, Health Systems Should Approach Blockchain

Pradeep Goel is the CEO of Solve. Care, a healthcare platform aimed at redefining care coordination. Recently, Solve.Care has made partnerships with healthcare organizations to implement it’s healthcare technology in the market. With more than 25 years of healthcare experience, Mr. Goel understands the demands of patients and providers. Below, Mr. Goel discusses how blockchain […]
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Union Lowers Medical Bills With Direct Negotiations

As companies shift more and more healthcare costs to their employees, the doormen, office cleaners, cafeteria staff and other members of the union 32BJ SEIU remain among the lucky few who pay no premiums and have no deductibles as part of their benefit plan. Keeping it that way has been no easy task. With each new collective-bargaining agreement, the […]
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Top 3 Challenges To Revenue Cycle Transformation

Hospitals and health systems are exploring ways to revenue cycle transformation processes to offset financial pressures. However, shifting to a new business model for revenue cycle management can be challenging. The hospital revenue cycle has become increasingly complex in recent years for several reasons, including the shift away from fee-for-service medicine, the adoption of advanced […]
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