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Artificial Intelligence: The Benefits to Revenue Cycle Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a concept that has moved very quickly from the realm of science fiction into real and practical utility in a number of different industries—including healthcare. One of the most effective applications for AI-powered tools is in the field of revenue cycle management. Sophisticated AI technologies can sift through vast amounts of […]
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ICD Coding and Climate-Related Psychiatry

Anyone who has viewed the wildfires in Australia knows why it has been called the “canary in the coal mine” of climate change. No wonder that Solastalgia was discovered there. As the ever-increasing carbon is being emitted from the world’s coal mines and other fossil fuel sources, life as we know it is at increased […]
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Root Causes Linked to Claim Denials

Three revenue cycle tips are provided to reduce denied claims. Claim denials represent millions of dollars in lost and delayed net reimbursement annually. According to the American Medical Association (AMA), cost estimates of inefficient healthcare claims processing, payment, and reconciliation top out at $210 billion per year. Claim denials are so common, they’ve become a fixture […]
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Increase Reimbursement, Reduce Take-Backs With These 4 Steps

In general, urologists are doing quite well financially. The laws of supply and demand have finally caught up with the profession, as we had predicted years ago. However, you could do better. How can urologists increase their income? In this article, we share with you steps you can take to increase your income, and, at […]
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New ICD-10 Codes will help Physicians Tackle Social Barriers to Care

A new collaboration between the AMA and UnitedHealthcare will work to address the social and environmental factors that affect patients’ health by standardizing data collection on their social determinants of health (SDOH) to help address individuals’ unique needs that often go unmet. The two organizations are supporting the creation of 23 new ICD-10 codes related […]
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ICD-10, Diagnostic Errors & Payment Reforms to Improve Diagnostic Accuracy

In October 2015, physicians across the United States transitioned from the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, Ninth Revision to the tenth revision (ICD-10-CM, the US version of the World Health Organization [WHO] ICD-10). Although the ICD-10-CM was a new concept for physicians in the United States, the international variant has been available since […]
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Rewriting of Medical Coding Automation Using Artificial Intelligence

The importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Medical Coding is often understated and also overstating the same is quite difficult.. to get in-depth with how AI is actually bringing changes in MCA, we must get to the basics of what Medical Billing and Coding really are. Medical Coding Medical coding, if we talk about it […]
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