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Understanding the Need for Eligibility Checks for Visits

While these activities oftentimes become challenging, they should help in facilitating reimbursement. This month, we’ll dive into the next steps needed for medical practices to take after being credentialed to maximize the chances of receiving reimbursement. The next critical steps after getting credentialed are (1) to conduct eligibility checks for patient visits and (2) get […]
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Union Lowers Medical Bills With Direct Negotiations

As companies shift more and more healthcare costs to their employees, the doormen, office cleaners, cafeteria staff and other members of the union 32BJ SEIU remain among the lucky few who pay no premiums and have no deductibles as part of their benefit plan. Keeping it that way has been no easy task. With each new collective-bargaining agreement, the […]
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Health Claim Rejected? Some Steps to Appeal a Denial

Patients’ appeal a denial are often shocked when their insurance company denies coverage for a procedure or treatment, especially if that leads to a bigger-than-expected bill. These rejections can be fairly common, and people may not put up their best fight to get the decision reversed. Odds are tough, but claim denials can be resolved […]
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